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  1. I'll never understand the mentality of Youtubers that are suprised when these things happen. Its the internet, ToS's change, trends change, websites go down, and you could lose your "Full Time Job" at any point. The writing has been on the wall for years. This isnt specifically towards Max, its for many Youtubers. I've maybe seen 4 Youtubers who successfully transitioned off the platform, everyone else complained and milked it until they disappeared forever to inevitably work a job again. These guys make loads of money, how do you not have an exit plan? A plan B? Investments? Retirement plan? NOTHING?!? This is why I don't donate to none of them unless its for charity because I believe many Youtubers get way too much money to be responsible with and they become delusional enough to think the "gravy train" is never going to stop. Then when it does abrubtly stop, many feel shocked, awed, and entitled to things that was never there's in the first place.
  2. You actually read the whole thing? After the first 3 sentences I said the hell with it.
  3. Thats disrespectful. How do you know he is pretending?
  4. What I could comprehend of this post came off to be a bit racist towards African Americans to me. Im might be 100% wrong because his words are hard too read. I think he is trying to correlate Urban music like Hip Hop and R&B to rape culture... Which is out there, but interesting.
  5. Can't really compare a released game to an unreleased game can I? Im sure after the hype Crystal Chronicles will be on par or better than KHIII. Im surprised the Switch isnt powerful enough to run KHIII. Seems the kid version of Final Fantasy would be at home on that console. For a "cash grab" people sure liked it. Its not my favorite Final Fantasy but if it was between this and Kingdom Hearts, id choose this. Story actually makes sense, soundtrack is great, the battle system is leaps and bounds better..
  6. The most casual Final Fantasy from 15 years ago.. ..is better than Kingdom Hearts. Told ya @KGhaleon. Accept it.
  7. Im not insecure about playing any game, if anything you are because you still havent given your age. But its cool. We could argue all day if KH is a spinoff but there is no real point in being right or wrong on the subject. Hope you guys enjoy KH. Ive been Resident Evil'd out for a while now, and the Switch to me is just an accessory needed to play Super Smash on. There are no other good games on the thing that I haven't played on previous Nintendo systems.
  8. There is no reason to release dedicated versions of games to Mac or Linux. Macs usually have terrible performance running games compared to Windows, and there just isnt enough marketshare or reason to launch a dedicated version of a game to Linux. More so both can "emulate" Windows with software easily and play Windows games better than their host operating systems.
  9. I dont know if I have to say this 10 times, a 1000 times, I dont know. I don't care about the worlds or graphics. I care if the story is immersive, the characters are impressionable, and if the gameplay is fun and addicting. You know how many games there are where the graphics look great and the actual game turned out to be shit? Plenty. You said it yourself, "We are playing out a movie". I dont want to play a movie, I want to play a game. I especially dont want to play a game that plays like a movie with characters from movies I could watch! I've seen a gameplay video of KHIII and it looks great, but it looks like another hack and slash with a FF twist to it. Again if I wanted to half ass play Final Fantasy with kid cartoon characters, this is my go too. But I dont. Lets look at the worlds this game supposedly has, let me look it up because I genuinely do not really care about this game. Toy Story - Interesting, mild nostalgia over it. But with the gameplay videos I saw looks like it'll be boring after the nostalgia of it all blows over. Tangled - No interest. I was grown when this movie released. Olympus Colosseum - Been there already in the previous games. Evergreen Wood (Winnie The Pooh) - Been there already in the previous game. Big Hero 6 - No clue what this is and do not care. Frozen - Was definately grown when this came out and I have no interest whatsoever Pirates Of The Caribbean - Been there already in the previous game Monsters Inc - Mild Interest and Nostalgia And all the other worlds they are bringing back thats original to Kingdom Hearts itself I could care less because the story in the original games was too forgettable for me to have any nostalgia over. So 10% of this game im mildly interested in. And thats why I asked how old are you because if you are like 18 or something I get it, but im almost 30. If I had kids I would play this with them, but by myself? I'll stick to the bigger and better Final Fantasy series.
  10. How are you over the nostalgia of Disney characters if in your other post you said you were really looking forward to the Toy Story and Tangeled worlds? If you mind me asking, how old are you? I named 5 Final Fantasy games that Id rather play. I didn't even mention FFVX. Its weaker then the bunch I provided, but I'd pick that up over Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2 anyday. You say FFXIII has a weak battle system. Maybe to you, but the battle system is highly praised by many and has far more depth than anything found in Kingdom Hearts. The characters you get immersed into and the story far than makes up for its flaws which is why they made 2 more follow up games from just that title alone. I don't think you know what MMO means in regards to comparing FFXII to the genre because though the game is massive, its not multiplayer nor online. Since when a game being massive a bad thing? And do I even have to get into why VII and X are better games overall? VIIII? IV? Its unfair at this point. Kingdom Hearts is a spinoff of Final Fantasy games. Its whole battle system is literally ripped from the series and even has characters from the Final Fantasy series in it. I dont see how you can say KH has better gameplay than a game its ripping elements from. Like I said Kingdom Hearts are cool games, but compared to Final Fantasy they're nothing but knock offs. Once you get past Winnie the Poo and Hercules being in the game, what do you have? A forgetable story (my memory is fuzzy but for the life of me I cannot remember the story line of either games, all I remember is going up against an organization of 13 people in black robes and an ending where Sora ends up on an island somewhere) and a whole lot of same button mashing like if I was playing a hack and slash. Im sure people enjoy it. But for me its like getting teased.
  11. Like I said im not into the Disney characters like you. When I was a kid I wasn't into Disney characters, I was into Toonami. Its not going to be very nostalgic for me in my late 20's. To me Kingdom Hearts is like the "kid" version of Final Fantasy. Don't get me wrong they are cool games but when I played them back in the day I couldnt help but think to rather play Final Fantasy VII, X, XII, XIII even VIII over any game in the Kingdom Heart series. Far superior story, Far superior controls and gameplay. FF is just better in my eyes. Hope you enjoy KH III. I think they are going to "dumb it down" even further than the other games. Even the previous games were too "dumbed down" for me.
  12. I dont see the big deal about Kingdom Hearts. They are cool games i guess. I played 1 & 2 years ago.. But I always get the feeling If I wanted to play a game of this type I might as well play something out of the far better and more refined Final Fantasy series. I guess if you are nostalgic about Disney characters KH is more appealing.
  13. Watched a little bit of Phils stream today and it seems the bulk of his commentary is when he kills somebody, the game is working. When he gets killed, whatever happened on screen was not suppose to happen and the fault was the game, the developer, lag, or the enemy spawning too close. Whatever the reason for his death, it definately wasn't Phil's fault. Ever.
  14. Who cares what he looks like? Im not watching him to look at the worlds handsomest man. Watching him for comedy and gaming content. And for a hobo he's awfully fucking rich.
  15. Jack Blacks new gaming channel Jablinski Games has 2.8 million subscribers and already 20 million views with only 3 videos, 1 of which is actual content. His first video is only a few minutes but goes way back and shows the roots of how gaming started. If this is his approach to his channel, im cool with it. There are way too many gameplay channels out there and I think theres a big market to being a gaming historian with a comedic twist. Anybody else watch him?
  16. Finally got around to playing Zelda Breath of Wind. Not my favorite Zelda game so far... Probably ranked second worse out of the cannon series after Twilight Princess.
  17. Oh I just remembered. I hated this movie so much I forgot I watched it. Fucking Venom. That is a fucking terrible film. You barely see Venom for like maybe 5-10 minutes of the film. The anti hero was boring. The plot was dumb. Everything sucked. I would watch the new Spiderman movie over that any day.
  18. I listed my favorite superhero movies on the other thread, but favorite movies of the year? Avengers Infinity War Black Panther Equalizer 2 Mission Impossible
  19. What? No I didn't. I don't care if you like it, im just saying I thought it was terrible. If anything you criticized me by calling me a troll for some reason. Nope. I heard those were bad but my list is based on movies that I've actually watched. Those might very well be worse than the movies I listed.
  20. Top 5 Best Superhero Movies: Avengers: Infinity War Black Panther Wonder Woman Thor: Ragnarock Guardians of the Galaxy Honorable Mention: Captain America: Winter Soldier Top 5 Worst Superhero Movies Aquaman Justice League Batman vs. Superman Antman & The Wasp X-men The Last Stand Dishonorable Mention: Spiderman: Into The Spider-verse
  21. Don't get offended man, I just didnt like it. Im sure plenty people liked it. Im just not 1 of them. I just thought pacing of the story was slow and not very interresting and I thought Spidermans voice was a bit "whiny".
  22. No negatives? I know im in the minority but I thought the movie was terrible. I didnt like the story or the voice acting.
  23. Random Thought. Rambo, Howard, RespectThePact, King Jezal, BSV, Nich, Tolomeo, ReviewTech, PewDiePie, AlphaOmegaSin, The FGC, AngryJoe, Cryaotic, Notch, SubOrdinaryGamers, Elpresador, TotalBuscuit (RIP), TwoBestFriendsPlay, MudaneMatt, ProJared, Mega64, IGN, Tobuscus, GradeAUnderA, KeemStar, Jim Sterling, Yahtzee, machinima, BlogTV (defunct), 3KB, Patrick Klepek (Journalist), Atlus, The Competionist, Pat The NES Punk, and the countless of detractors all have an ill opinion about Phil and none of it is his fault.
  24. Neither of you are going to get what im saying, but most others will. Im not sure if you're purposely not understanding whats going on, or you truly can't comprehend it. Whatever the case, I hope your mission to get everyone with a slightly different opinion of Phil's banned is successful. You guys are doing a good job, I mean only 6 people come here any more. My only question is... What happens when everybody is banned and the forums is completely dead? What will you do? If you just want to argue with possible trolls and detractors, why not just go to Twitter? Or do ypu just stay here and do your thing just because you know this is the only place you can actually "win"? Food for thought.
  25. There would of been downfall regardless if there were trolls or not. Phil came in the early days of Youtube and had very little competition. As Youtube got bigger and more cramp, people who continued to be like Phil and do the same thing over and over again we're eventually made obsolete. Its inevitable Youtube channels that lacked variety and growth will plateau and start to downfall. Its happened to thousands of people. Phils thing was he's the guy that plays the newest games all the way through. That original fanbase he secured long ago are now in their late 20's early 30's and dont have that kind of time anymore to look at that type of content. Also nowadays there are other people who get the game way before Phil does, the quality of the video is better, and they will put all the highlights in a neatly edited video thats under 15 minutes instead of sifting through 10-15 hours of content. Youtube and its fanbase has changed and its mostly catered to kids. Adults with lives don't have the time to watch the type of video Phil makes, and as long as there are Ninjas and PewDiePie's, there is no reason for a kid to watch Phil. So whats left that makes Phil appealing to still watch 10 years later? The drama. Whats going to come out of his mouth next that is going to be wrong or controversial. The 24 hour detractor squad that is hell bent on stopping Phil while convincing his fans he's a bad person. The undying loyalty of his fans. Even you ThatDogGuy are purely here to be argumentative and dramatic with people who even slightly disagree with Phil. Its obvious. Just fans and detractors (who are essentially just two sides of the same coin) need to accept it.
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