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  1. @Phil Had to fix it up a little hope you still like it
  2. @Phil Hope you really like this DOOM art i did
  3. Got 2 more game to add Oninaki> if you can AC Rogue
  4. Nioh 2 fanart redo @Phil hope you like it
  5. Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection> Uncharted 1 or 2 dose not matter Batman Arkham City or Asylum Remaster again dose not matter Attack on Titan 2
  6. Hey @Phil New fanart hope everyone likes it
  7. I would like Assassin's Creed 1 Since you have not played it on your channel yet
  8. There hopefully everybody can see them now these two are my last two until i come up with something else
  9. Try one of these It's basic nothing special pick which you think is safe to use
  10. @MoraMoria i got off of some wallpaper website i forgot about that i'll use something else my bad I REALLY hope i ain't in no trouble
  11. Alright this is my best work Phil you gonna love this one hope you use it if you can
  12. or see if you like this if you can use it i just added texts to the background but hope you still like it
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