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  1. Doom 64 PS4 (if you have it) Crash 2 Remastered (to maybe hype up for the new crash game) Maneater (if your are interested in it would love to see you play that) Batman Arkham City
  2. Okay i really took my time with this one so if it's bad i'm honestly really sorry i did what i could i tried to fix the white lines outside and made it look cooler and i don't know if the logos are decent or not if not then i'll have to practice more which i'm cool with that anyway here you go man! @Phil
  3. Honestly i did not notice that my bad but i'll try to do better next time don't worry i'll see if i can fix it
  4. @Phil Here is some new fanart for ya to replace my mario level fanart you used for a bit if ya want to do so
  5. Here are my suggestions sorry if i added one you already watched You might have already watched it if so you can skip this one Dark Souls 1 part 36 the funniest moment of the PT in my opinion timestamp 0:44 Since it's one of my favorite game franchise Your Prototype 2 Unboxing vid
  6. Hey Phil this is gaming question that alot of people might of asked but why is it you almost never do platinum or completionist runs yeah it may take awhile and be annoying but i think you'll feel more rewarding and you can say you did fully complete it especially if it's a short game? for example i just started doing em and i think it makes it feel more rewarding unless it's online trophies then i put it on hold for now
  7. @Phil Had to fix it up a little hope you still like it
  8. @Phil Hope you really like this DOOM art i did
  9. Got 2 more game to add Oninaki> if you can AC Rogue
  10. Nioh 2 fanart redo @Phil hope you like it
  11. Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection> Uncharted 1 or 2 dose not matter Batman Arkham City or Asylum Remaster again dose not matter Attack on Titan 2
  12. Hey @Phil New fanart hope everyone likes it
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