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  1. Oh he has almost fell asleep during todays stream and has said the game isnt that fun. Somebody asked if KH3 would be in his top games of the year and he scoffed at the concept.
  2. Only problem is Tevin who has been making hundreds in tips from just commentating over DSPs streams.
  3. Yeah im not too fond of reading subtitles with Japanese blaring at me. I know most people outside of heavy anime guys feel like I do. More than likely what you described at the end of your statement is what happened. That game is showing the signs of a classic AAA flop, but we will see.
  4. i kind of agree with them. Why buy a game I don't understand? If they arent going to put effort into making a game understandable where there is a huge market, then I shouldnt bother supporting it. I understand if it was Dutch or French, but much of the video game market understands English. They can have Persona Q2. Dozens of other games to buy.
  5. Thats the exact reason why I didnt see it. All the memes and everybody singing "Let It Go" got on my last nerves. Plus I am far outta of the age range to just watch Disney movies by myself without any kids. Anything outside of Wreck-It-Ralph or isn't a sequel of a Disney/Pixar movie originally released in the 90s to mid 2000's, more than likely I haven't watched it.
  6. Seen it. One of the worse areas so far. Didnt see the movie and if that level is just a retelling then im glad I didnt.
  7. Phil would never let this come to pass. Plus there really isnt a point when apparently there is a disgruntled rouge stream chat moderator that is unbanning troll cheerer's now.
  8. Well since my thread about my KH3 was deleted by Phil. I was typing in it then discovered it was deleted when I tried to post when it was just me and him. So ill post my thoughts here. Caught up to the Tangled world with another streamer, not to well versed in the movie. Not particularly my cup of tea but it was interesting too see! Not mad at it. I heard Phil thought it was a "shit world" though. I think i'll take his opinion on this game with a grain of salt for here on out.
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