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  1. Anything but a fucking weeb game, for the love of God (forgive me) I vote for System Shock 2, and Deus Ex. Both work just fine on modern computers :D (at least in my experience) Kerbal Space Program Hitman 2 and Blood Money Kingdom Come Deliverance
  2. Will you be vlogging when you visit CT?
  3. Yet another question, Philip. You've mentioned doing a charity stream for a few years now. What type of charity would you be interested in contributing to? If I may, I'd like to lobby your efforts in favor of a charity for either saving elephants/rhinos/whales. Poachers slash the legs of the elephants, and rhinos, chop off their tusks, and leave them to suffer, and bleed to death. The African government, supported by the Chinese will not do anything about it. There are many groups out there dedicated to protecting these beautiful creatures, and they need as much money as they can get, as it's not cheap to run that type of operation. Rhinos and elephants are near extinction levels, so, we must act fast, if we are to save them from these butchers. As for whales, whales are, in plain-English, stabbed, and beaten to death by Japanese fishermen. The large fishing companies have bought and now own the Japanese government, so they will continue to give them permits, and SUBSIDIES, yes, that's right the Japanese government subsidizes the butchering of innocent whales. The sickest part? A lot of parts of the whales just go to waste. They are slaughtered for nothing. I would also like to lobby your efforts to support a charity dedicated to animal shelters. There are thousands of over-crowded animal shelters in America alone, a lot of the time, they run out of supplies, and are left with no choice but no euthanize the poor animals. The money donated towards shelters goes to supplies, and covering the costs of spaying and neutering the animals. The over-crowding of shelters is caused alone by a lack of spaying and neutering. I hope I have convinced you to support an animal-centered charity. Thank you.
  4. Another question, Phil. With your recent retrospective streams, would you consider viewing Evil AJ's original MGS3 TIHYDP for one of those events? I understand, if you don't/wouldn't.
  5. Another question, Phil, this one is kind of an extension of the one in my OP. What relationship advice do you have to give to a person in their twenties?
  6. Hi, Phil, another question What is your expert opinion on Third Strike from a mechanical perspective, and just in general?
  7. Hello, Mr. Burnell. I have been a viewer since 2009 :D I have a bunch of questions for you to pick from. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you read Crime and Punishment, if so, what did you think of it? Who are your favorite wrestlers? When did you get into wrestling? What are some of your favorite wrestling angles? What is your #1 favorite dish? This one is a bit more personal, so I understand if you are not comfortable answering, but, previous to your Youtube life, what were your past relationships like? I have never heard you speak about this, and have always wondered, especially now, being a young man of 21 myself, and finally being in my first real relationship, and one that isn't god-awful toxic. Will TheKingofHateHD ever be made viewable again? I really miss all of the videos on it. I know your retrospective stream of that channel is coming up this week, so, this question may be redundant by the time you see it. I know, and understand your issue with JRPGs, but, will you, in the near future, consider doing PTs of Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, or 12? Would you consider for, say, a Patreon goal, doing a Poorly Cookin' With the King Twitch Stream? I am not sure how this would turn out attendance-wise, but, I, for one, would love to see it happen. Given the technology of today, would you consider trying non-smoke based MARIJUANA products, such as lollipops, or beverages, as a special stream event? You're stuck on an island: What 3 games do you bring with you? Were you ever into Dungeons and Dragons? That is all I can think of for now. Probably will add some more on when I think of them.
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