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  1. Nothing shown today I have any particular interest in. Maybe E3 will be better but it looks like there is still no reason for me to purchase the system. There are only 4 or 5 games worth buying the system for and im not gonna pay $300.00 for something thats just gonna collect dust for most of the year.
  2. Links Awakening need to be redone? I would rather have something new than a Funkopop version of a game thats 25 years old? Assassin's Creed III was an announcement. A game from last gen is announced. The nest thing announced is the second version of a level editor. I dont get it he hype, especially has mad other IP's they can make games from. Paper Mario? Donkey Kong? No where to be seen.
  3. Lots of games but not many are new and exciting. As I said in my thread, they love making the same game over and over. I agree Jack is a clown but that is also one lame "explosion". If thats the most exciting thing in the game, its a game I would be better off skipping.
  4. Well I mean Phil has never been known as the guy to go into a game with full knowledge of it. Most of his playthroughs is him fumbling through the game until completion. Thats kind of his thing that he's been doing for 10 years. Just because this game is YOUR favorite and you have more appreciation for the lore of Kingdom Hearts, doesnt mean everybody else should. Can't knock him for not remembering something from a game that came out almost 20 years ago. Too be honest the game drags on and on and on, way too many cutscenes, the story is both ridiculous and confusing, and even though I played most of the games I didnt even know what the hell was going on. I compare this game to McDonald's. It may look good and fill you up, but are you really satisfied? KH3 is like watching all the movies over again in short form but pressing two buttons repetitively. No challenge, and really nothing that makes it special unlike other games in the series.
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