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  1. dsfan324

    Youtube comments could increase views(?)

    OK, no problem, thanks for replying.
  2. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Yes, another fabricated clickbait controversy with a fake thumbnail, with big red arrows, that doesn't even appear in the video, truly disgusting. The most important thing is the guy didn't forget to put 10 ads on his latest video, he cares that much about the poor exploited children that he uses them to make money for himself. You can tell from the thumbnail the video is not worth watching. That guy is just starting another clickbait channel (with fake controversies).
  3. Someone posted this: "Comments and interaction on videos increases the ranking of the videos, also people arguing on your video leads to repeat views for people coming back to keep posting comments." If you care you can enable comments on recent videos you'll make (like Metro and Jump Force) and compare the views to the ones with disabled comments. Disabling comments doesn't really stop trolls making troll videos and there are still fans who would like to comment on your videos. Have a nice day.
  4. New people always have problem with the long 1h prestreams and ask when the game starts: put up a 1h countdown/timer saying this is a prestream, the gameplay starts in xxxx The chat rules are too vague. People are getting banned for stuff that's not mentioned anywhere (wheelchair emote) or for things only mentioned on the prestreams which new people miss.
  5. dsfan324


    I think he means that Phil looks happy when seeing John again.
  6. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWJL70-TN0Q That's one pathetic explosion, he didn't miss anything. You can always watch some youtube clowns overreacting to it if that makes you happy.
  7. dsfan324

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Hi Phil. I noticed people on 4chan (yes you have fans there) like to post these screenshots often in DSP threads. I thought might as well make them into emotes. Don't worry they aren't detractor memes as far as I'm aware, just funny screenshots. And people asked for a dab emote for a long time. Hope you like it. like it will display in twitch chat: