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  1. dsfan324

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    Yes, everything is a detractor meme, no fun allowed. If rather someone would do something with the nighbot commands spammers. The trolls hide behind spamming !cheer, !tip, etc, because they won't get punished for it.
  2. dsfan324

    Mortal Komat 11 streams

    Anyone who cares bought and is playing the game. They don't need Phil to read the tutorial for them.
  3. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I looked at kiwi and there are people admitting they pretend to be fans, have subs, cheer, just to troll and bait Phil. That explains alot. And they have a poll about a mod, if he's a fan or a troll, because he's banning people like crazy. Doesn't this raise a concern?
  4. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    Don't worry it's not you. There's no need to mention them, they have no connection with this case.
  5. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    "PC exclusive"
  6. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    The thing is you can set up the bot to simply not post your comment if it contains banned words. Like it's set up for not posting "furry" for whatever reason. (which still doesn't stop the mod from whining about killing all furries) So setting up certain innocent words to grant a permaban without any warning whatsoever is insane. You have an anti spam bot, why not set it up to clean spam without permabanning everyone and without letting mods run amok? https://docs.nightbot.tv/commands/filters Just lower the amount of emotes and let the people be timed out. Btw. there are idiots who keep spamming nighbot commands which is much more annoying than emote spam since the commands result in walls of text. But I never see this being addressed or those people getting warnings.
  7. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    KingOfGahlfHD...do you realize you have a mod whose nickname is a detractor meme? That's not a problem? Well seeing as it's not a problem using a dumb bot to permaban people for innocent stuff... But it's strange when people get instantly banned for a bit trollish names (like omnipotentlamb) even if they don't do anything wrong. just WOW, nothing wrong with this... "it's the guy" is apparently a detractor meme that gets you banned but didn't Phil say he doesn't care what's a detractor meme? A detractor meme somehow no detractor or anyone else ever uses but it apparently grants an automatic permaban by a bot if you write it even accidentally. It's apparently so bad that a bot has full right to permaban people if they ever dare to post it. If people actually wanted to troll you it's easy to bypass the bot, just post "its the guy", "it_s the guy" and other variations. With these stupid banning sprees you and mods are only doing more damage than detractors could ever hope for.
  8. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    No one is appealing a ban you stupid troll. I like how you didn't deny that you don't even watch DSP. It's painfully obvious from your posts. You are only here to post stupid crap and troll like the other guys. "You could like. Not get banned. lol" - someone writing this definitely isn't right in the head.
  9. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    "Don't discuss a critical issue on the relevant forum" "Don't discuss the things lots of people are complaining about" Let me guess you are another guy who doesn't even watch DSP and just posts dumb shit on the forum.
  10. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    You seriously would need some sort of brain damage to actually defend this. The main issue is putting permabans in the hands of a stupid bot when time outs would be perfectly fine. And then have stupid random shit result in bans. An actual troll would just make new accounts and keep trolling, this crap will only affect random people.
  11. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    https://youtu.be/PTaAvhWhq2U?t=3214 Did Phil just forget to save DKC3 at the end? https://youtu.be/p8nDjMcpaWo?t=1406 When you save it should open another window.
  12. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    Why are you posting this stupid comment, what did you hope to achieve by doing so? Are you so stupid you think everything is a detractor meme? Are you so stupid you think everything once used by some detractor should result in auto permaban by a bot? Are you so stupid you think saying a generic non insulting phrase should result in bans? Are you so stupid to not realize why fucked up shit like this should be publicly announced?
  13. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    So there's no issue setting up a generic phrase on auto ban? Most people don't have problem with this because after they get banned for minimal issues they stop coming to the stream. Once you ban someone you usually lose them permanently. Since it happened during PW stream where the only mod was the HD guy (KingOfGahlfHD) I guess he was fucking with nighbot and set it to permaban everyone. I wouldn't call him a top mod since he acted like an idiot in chat and cried how people should stop spamming even long after there was no spam. Also doesn't he say stuff how he wants to kill all furries, not something a top mod should be doing. And I think he was also there during the b-day marathon where moderation was a complete shitfest and mods fucked with the chat badly. During DKC3 nighbot was also banning lots of people. How can no one see a problem to set a fucking bot to permaban people? Especially when the criteria for a ban are the dumbest shit. I guess the HD guy couldn't give a fuck and just set nighbot to ban everyone so he doesn't need to bother with anything. Yes, it's me. Maybe it only triggers when you write only the phrase or when a stupid mod sets nighbot to ban everything. Phil said "this is the guy?..." during PW and I replied "it's the guy", boom auto permaban. ("its" "thats" doesn't work)