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  1. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Funny how the biggest troll in chat constantly complained about the guy who just had fun playing Borderlands 2 coop and wanted to get him banned. Besides it being a meme is there even anything interesting about it? Also only digital downloads, no obscure games.
  2. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    ...that reminds me. Phil said how he can't play JRPGs because his audience wants to see him play hard (entertaining) games to see him suffer etc. I don't think that audience exists anymore. @MoraMoria suggesting an Atelier game, OH YOU
  3. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Thinking about it, it shouldn't surprise me that people nominate same old shit, that's the stuff they like to watch after all. But no weeb games, OK, that would be bad. My bad for expecting anything out of this. I foolishly thought they would try to nominate something interesting and new if they have the chance. But that's how the Twitch audience is.
  4. Valkyria Chronicles (1) (Remastered) (PS4, PC) World of Tanks (PS 4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360) WOW - in a PvP server with fans, so they can fight off the trolls Left Alive (PS4, PC) Dark Souls speedrun
  5. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    This is actually so far the best nomination. The rest are pretty garbage.
  6. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    @MoraMoria So the guy who wants you to pay him, because he doesn't want to make youtube ads or accept job offers he doesn't like, shits on youtube ads. Whoa, what a savage. He said ads are boring, truly opened my eyes. /s "someone else made because I didn't have the time to make one" - aka pay me so I can do what I want instead of accepting actual job offers. I only see his statements being savage towards the people who pay him. Is it so easy to get people's money? Just say some bullshit people want to hear? Oh wait, it is, worked for Trump.
  7. dsfan324

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    What savagery? He wants people to pay him so he can only do things he wants instead of doing a proper job, so he can decline actual job offers if he doesn't like them. Most people don't have that luxury. Unless you mean it's savagery towards people with normal jobs. "You people who have to work normal shitty jobs pay me so I can only do what I want." You are right, that's savagery.
  8. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    @MoraMoria Just saying what you want without fearing about getting randomly banned (because it's on a list of a million unwritten rules or because someone feels like banning someone) would be enough. Most Twitch viewers don't care about what they watch, they just watch whoever, else the most boring streamers wouldn't be on top. Most of them don't even use chat or just post some brain dead things.
  9. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    Moderators and the streamer make the chat what it is. It's just one guy, he doesn't spam. He was still posting the things, just now, that would get anyone else banned. No, things that got other people banned while he was posting.
  10. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    It's not worth it anymore. I watched his old playthroughs on Youtube and thought it would be so much more fun watching him live on Twitch. Oh boy was that a mistake. The chat is a cancerous environment with no fun allowed, it's basically unusable besides for people cheering and asking the dumbest questions or trying to bait him into rants. And the borefests of games are not worth watching live anyway, especially not with that no fun environment. I guess I'll go back to watch him on Youtube once he plays something interesting, which only happens like once per month. The streams are in full "Youtube mode" anyway.
  11. dsfan324

    DSP's Twitch return - Chat emotes/fanart

    What happened to the T-pose emote that was in the works?
  12. dsfan324

    Green screen, stream layout thread

    saw Kekon using this controller overlay, it would be perfect for games like Sekiro, Dark Souls, Mortal Kombat
  13. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    Ask him. But a mod said it's a banned word. You know the listed rules are a joke and the real rule is: "we ban people if we feel like it". It's easier to just ban people than interact with them and say what they are doing wrong.
  14. dsfan324

    Twitch prestream and chat rules problems

    Mentioning Badbunny in chat is now an instaban.