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  1. @OrcsRDorks Well real talk, for being a chat mod you have to be a long time (1 year) fan/sub and a big contributor (they usually have 50k bits/$500 cheer badges). Everyone knows that, it's not like I'm telling you a big secret. I assume it works like that for the forum too.
  2. Thinking of Hollow Knight and Bloodstained, I wonder why Phil simply doesn't play indie games even though he says he wants to but blames his audience. There's a bunch of options to play them: the chill streams, prestreams (yes), sub goal events (big contributors love these), create a new short segment or have one stream per week dedicated to indies. Though I don't remember him ever mentioning any indie game he was interested in playing. He doesn't even seem to be interested in Bloodstained. Maybe he should stop blaming the viewers and just play them. The viewers not linking a game never stoppe
  3. So Phil says he's really enjoying Stranger Things game which is basically a super easy metroidvania. Viewers hate watching the game (because absolutely nothing interesting is going on) and he tells anyone who doesn't like watching it to fuck off. He says he would like to play more indie games. But he still won't play Bloodstained even though people ask for it and he might enjoy it if he enjoys ST.
  4. That's around the CT trip, yeah...
  5. The Stranger Things game is, well, exactly what you would expect from a licensed game. lol Phil thinks viewers don't like the Stranger Things game because it looks retro and not because it's simply bad and uninteresting @DownTheLever I assume he was constantly looking at the boost bar in the bottom right corner since he was fixated on boosting all the time. But still, he was driving in such obvious obstacles and claiming there was nothing.
  6. "I don't know where these glasses meme came from" If someone wants to tell him: It's from CTR where he constantly drove straight into walls and obstacles and claimed it was nothing there or he couldn't see it. Plus trolls found out he has prescribed glasses for driving a car.
  7. I mean it's strange to refuse to play Bloodstained or Diablo when Hollow Knight and Divinity are on the list. A bunch of people asked for Bloodstained too.
  8. What really bothers me is why pick so many RPGs, including weeb ones, but not Valkyria Chronicles? It would be so much more interesting than another slow RPG. Half of the list are just RPGs, for God's sake... But then picking Bionicle Heroes which doesn't look interesting at all. Hollow Knight, might as well put Bloodstained there. Divinity, might as well put up Diablo.
  9. shitty music, shitty animes, shitty LNs, shitty mobage gacha phone games, waifushit in everything, shitty anime porn... Well that would be actually original for once. ^_^
  10. Nah, it would be maximum cringe. If you watch enough anime and deal with Japanese pop-"culture" you notice how utterly garbage that medium is. It's just recycled copypasted garbage mass produced on an assembly line.
  11. You are sad people are choosing games that could be fun to watch over games that will bore them to tears? wow "amazing story" - oh please
  12. lol the spike stage (https://youtu.be/pg3L6WB3nSs?t=3031) was so hard the guy who made it got banned, his last famous words were "it's not the controller that sucks, you suck" What's with those shitty stages being top 3 rated? https://youtu.be/pg3L6WB3nSs?t=2456
  13. I looked at his KOTOR playthrough since people requested and praised it so much, I must say I can't blame him he lost interested and stopped playing it. It didn't look like a too bad game but it was pretty dull and looked like shit. You know you could nominate multiple games like everyone else did, right? Though the chance they would get picked would still be low and looking at the poll results they sure wouldn't win anyway. More like: 999 is a game that needs you to use a guide to understand it.
  14. Why getting offended he doesn't want to play a VN, why even suggest a VN in the first place? At least it should be something stupid like 999.
  15. Had funny ideas sub goal for DSP tries it: Wendy's chili make a graveyard in Minecraft with all the things DSP outlived, like SOK, Machinima, ScrewAttack, Super Best Friends Play, ProJared Dark Souls duh
  16. This was screencapped by a troll but I had to reply to it Fighting games get stale really fast. And as people joked during MK11: If you watch Phil playing one fighting game you watched them all. It's the same things over and over, in every match, in every fighting game. Phil is complaining about low contributions because people don't like Judgement and there are no interesting games currently out - there's always the Dark Souls speedrun possibility... Also if interactions stop after he comes back from the break why not look up if those people who were contributing l
  17. Much better than Divinity for sure.
  18. @Blackspawn89 what Patreon games didn't make it?
  19. $60 for another fighting game to play for 2 streams and probably everyone would be bored to tears watching it. People asked about it multiple times in the Twitch chat. The Surge is on there and he hates it because it's made by the devs of Lords of the Fallen. Divinity would be one of the most boring, most uninteresting games to watch. But no one who suggested or voted for the games thought about how boring the games would be to watch.
  20. WTF those choices. Why were exactly these games picked? I would love to vote for multiple games, but... I voted for the meme pick, The Surge, because he hates the devs for making Lords of the Fallen and refused to try the game for that. They might be good games but will they be interesting to watch, hell NO. He might as well play Bloodstained instead. Well the same 3-4 people can only ask so many food questions. The Twitch audience likes to watch the same popular brain dead stuff like Minecraft (Fortnite, LOL, CS...). It's not about the game being bori
  21. It's pretty obvious he's after the big 10 coin. Now I don't know why he's doing that thing with the enemy but sounds like he was expecting something to happen if he pushed the enemy down. Maybe he thought the enemy would land on a lower ground and he could jump on him to get the coin, then he figures out he can walljump. Of course you wouldn't know since there's no fucking context in the troll clip. https://youtu.be/sDa-2nAcFDk?t=3450 The account is basically short TIHYDP clips. Cherry picked clips by trolls to make him look as bad as possible. I don't defend DSP's play sty
  22. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3RGWWKZJKJL5A?# Only Xbox, Nintendo, PS gift cards on the wishlist, meh. Wouldn't people be more willing to donate if there are actual games on it? Isn't that the point of a wishlist? Sinking City playthrough: what? how do I do this? how do I do that? I thought there's no way there isn't a tutorial. I look at the start screen and what do I see, HOW TO PLAY, CONTROLS options which Phil conveniently skipped. Just WOW.
  23. To be more specific, Twitch isn't just a friend simulator it's a place where lonely children can buy friendships (of adults).
  24. I knew it, Sinking City and We Happy Few were ones of the more interesting walking simulators to watch. Viewers finding something boring was never the issue. Watching the never ending generic forests, never ending riding and never ending cutscenes in Days Gone or RDR2 (and most other open world AAA games) was so much worse. Guess what, viewers also found them incredibly boring. Just say you find the gameplay boring which is understandable since it's just fetch quests about collecting clues. Edit: Found the issue 46min into pt5: "slow stream, people stop talking to me, they stop contr
  25. Phil won't select the most obvious question "why do you look like that?" in Sinking City apparently because he doesn't want to insult anyone in the game. LOL I guess those things are reserved for Twitter, prestreams, the chat.
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