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  1. Crazy to see where DSP is at rn. Thanks DSP for the content :D
  2. I'd personally like to see DSP as a clown or a frog for the detractors. That'll bring in a lot of money for Phil. But it's mainly up to Phil to decide on what he wants to wear but those are my suggestions I guess
  3. What microphone does DSP uses for his gameplay/streams?
  4. dang


    On Phil's Instagram, why do people comment "Okay" on DSP's posts? I don't get the context of it
  5. I heard it's gonna be released in 2020. The Sonic movie better be worth the delay
  6. I don't see his posts. Did he get banned lol
  7. Maybe because nobody wants to bring up detractor memes here?
  8. I don't have school tomorrow so I can have time to be on here.
  9. My Sunday was great. Wish these forums were more active
  10. I stopped caring for TV shows ever since I moved houses and I started high school. My family got rid of our TV service provider and now I just use my PC.
  11. @MoraMoria Great! Is this a place where we can chat instead of waiting for someone to post a new topic?
  12. How's everyone doing today
  13. Has Phil ever thought about playing Roblox? If not, he should give it a try
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