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  1. dang

    Game Suggestion

    Has Phil ever thought about playing Roblox? If not, he should give it a try
  2. dang

    Easy way for DSP to make money

    This may sound like a horrible idea, but it can help over time. I think he should remove his Patreon as a whole because now he's doing goals on Twitch instead of Patreon. So what exactly is the point of pledging on Patreon if barely (or even worse, none) of the goals are being delivered? Ask the king questions are usually answered from the stream chat anyway. For those that want to donate to DSP monthly are gonna have to be subbed to the channel, which is a good thing because he can get better support from Twitch. This is a great idea! Use YouTube only for reviews such as DSP tries it, etc.
  3. dang

    What can Phil do to improve as a streamer...?

    I am a new viewer of DSP, so my knowledge of these detractors/trolls are limited, but I do want to add in feedback to what you said. It doesn't hurt to try. Yeah they might harass the other streamer, but what can they do? Nothing really because they'll eventually go away at some point. What matters is getting out his name, expanding himself to a newer audience, and what DSP said: 'Put out quality gameplay. No bullshit'
  4. dang

    What can Phil do to improve as a streamer...?

    DSP should collaborate with other streamers. That's an opportunity for DSP to introduce himself to a new audience and maybe gain more subs + followers