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  1. Question for the forums about the beef that Larry Bundy has against Phil, and why he has an animostiy towards him despite Phil not doing anyhtign directly? I have not to edit right now but am willing to do so via
  2. A thread for general discussion of the game Subnautica for the PC, PS4, and XBOX ONE and our experiences playing it as well as to leave help for each other and for Phil in his own run in the future on stream! DOn't know a topic to start with, but at least this thread can begin?
  3. Phil has just concluded a late night minecraft stream today march the second at 8 PM PST. The streams are located on his twitch at twitch.tv/darksydephil l However, perhaps a page can be made to link the youtube playlsit on the playthroughs forum as opposed to having it lost in archive on the page That is why I am going to link the videos in this thread. There is already a tips page here: So yeha. let us announce the session
  4. Here is a thread for tips that can help phil in the tetris 99 playthrouhghs, a swlel as to share some tips amongst ourselves as well
  5. Suggestion for Phil in future play-through; An ice LA Noire Detective Game from DontNod, the French Developers of Life is Strange Series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7V6YRxX2rc they are still in rdevelopment but it slated for release this year What say you, @Phil, would this be a good title to play and comment over, given similarity to LA Noire kind of game.
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