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  1. Hm, which games you never heard of. That would be interesting if Phil watch crowdfunding games like Kickstarter in his Stream. Many games would be financed there.
  2. Hello Phil any chance to streaming Game boy or Game color games like Zelda Oracle of Ages/Season, Warioland, Super Mario in the future?
  3. Easy way for DSP to make money These are my suggestions. I have seen Phil for several years and I like what he does. It should not be taken as a criticism but as an improvement. Patreon: First of all, he should remove $ 50 perk because it hardly brings people to his patreon because now all his goals are based on his Twitch channel performance. His goal should be to bring more patrons to patreon and that can only work if he asks less. How should that go ? His Get INTERACTIVE With My Content! should only cost 1 dollar. Why because he wins many fans. It carries a risk that he get
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