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  1. Well if thats the only thing you found disagreeable after reading everything I said, im okay with it.
  2. I cant even get away with that anymore because he regularly holds Chill streams at night which are pretty much extended prestreams with gameplay. The only time I can really watch Phil is at night nowadays.
  3. I know alot of fans do exactly this. They just watch the content and enjoy Phil's stream while avoiding his talks about money and problems. But its gotten to the point where every single stream is about money and its unavoidable. I wish I could turn off my brain, but what you're asking is for me to be purposely stupid. That I cannot.
  4. I dont have a problem with him visiting other places. I have a problem with the trips whole narrative changing. Go back and look at the Christmas video where he is talking about his parents. He said his dad has a heart condition and can barely move while his mother is going through some things too. Then come to find out they are working. Unless they are from Krypton, I don't see how work is possible under those conditions. So somewhere there is some misinformation. Im in America, many of the worlds top streamers are in America. As long as you have a reputable ISP, the internet is fine. Apartments usually have options when it comes to ISPs, and Phil is in Seattle, one of the most tech forward cities outside of Silicon Valley. Trust me, internet is not that big of problem as Phil is making it out to be. Making it pointless right? There are soundproofing options for Apartments. As I said it really doesn't matter when you're crushing waterbottles into the mic. And he still can't pay them. Sell the house, lower your price of living. He'll be alright. Even if this is true, what does it matter to DSP? He got big on Youtube in an apartment. He was streaming fine back then. Nobody comes to DSP for the quality, they come for the entertainment. As long as he's entertaining and the game is watchable, it doesnt matter. All utterly pointless if you regularly crush waterbottles into the mic anyways.
  5. Just watched Phil's recent video. How come everytime he does these fundraisers, there is always something else counter intuitive to him getting out of debt is happening? Last year when he was on the verge of losing his house due to taxes he got the money and immediately moved his girlfriend in and brought her all this stuff to get settled. This year its a trip to Connecticut which each passing day seems like its less about visiting his parents and more about taking Kat to all the places he took his ex- girlfriend. Then he say's if he moves into apartment, the internet will be shared so the quality of his streams will suffer. What? Never heard of paying for an internet service and it gets shared with all the other neighbors. Last time I checked, I can have Xfinity and my neighbor can have AT&T. Theres nothing shared about it unless you deliberately make your wifi unpassworded. Plenty of streamers bigger than Phil have no problems and live in an apartment. He goes into saying he wont have an office to set up his stuff up like the soundproofing. First of all, that soundproofing configuration he has does nothing. I cant count how many times Ive heard ambient noises around the room or Phil's toilet being flushed. Plus its kind of pointless to have quality sound when you're burping and crushing water bottles into the mic. Second, Phil is in a spare bedroom and calling it an office. You could do the same thing in an apartment. Lastly, he say's if he sells the house and moves it will be time consuming and take away from his streams. He literally moved across the country and had no problems back then, though he wasn't streaming, there are plenty of ways to work out getting content to his fans. Just have to be creative. Now its too difficult to move across town? All the reasons he brought up seem futile. I understand selling his house would be a huge blow to his ego, but he's not the first person to downsize his lifestyle because a change in finances. Plus, the main reason his taxes are much higher because he made more money. Whats going to happen this time next year? Not to mention there has been no hard evidence, paperwork, or even a solid number of any of his tax problems. Just using last years fundraiser's "success" as an example, the only thing I know is he got the money in January, moved Kat in Febuary, asked for more money in March and April, then sometime last fall he said he still used $10,000 in credit to pay his taxes. Real shaky. I'll support by just watching but there's too many plot holes to invest my hard earned money to this.
  6. I don't see whats the big hype about this game. Its Dark Souls again. Outside of that shit VR game they haven't stopped making Dark Souls games in 6 years. Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Bloodbourne, Dark Souls 3, now this. The market is starting to get saturated. This game doesn't look that great, and with Ghost of Tsushima around the corner, as for samurai games, this can easily be passed. I looked at gameplay. Phil is planning on this to be the most important release of his career with his financial problems and with Dark Souls-esque games attracting his biggest audiences. Though im positive he isnt going to like this game. Ive heard people who played say the fights will always be unfair so you have to strategize and not gun-ho it, which is not Phil's playstyle. I've heard stealth is necessary, which Phil isn't really good at. And the game is less linear and more open world based, which means Phil can't simply just run past enemies. We'll see.
  7. That is dumb, and its the reason why Phil is rolling his way straight into financial ruin if he doesn't change.
  8. Well its up to you what to believe. There is too much evidence for me to believe anything else. I am of the belief of common sense. If you want to put up a poll just to later admit you ignored it and did whatever you want anyways, why put up the poll in the first place?
  9. Prepare to have your mind blown. DSP is the "alotta people". You don't see anyone else say the things DSP says people are telling him on Twitter, Streamchat, or anywhere else. He doesn't take DM's or private messages in fear of trolls. So who else is it going to be? Its him. Just telling the public "alot of people said this and that.." to control the blowback of not ever listening to his fans. I might be wrong, but to me this has been apparent for a while now. Just look at the suggestions thread, how many of the dozens and dozens of suggestions have been implimented? How many Twitter polls have there been where people vote one thing and he ignores the poll and does something else? But these "alotta people" always have Phil's full undivided attention and they always get what they want even though none of their replies are found anywhere. What's obvious is usually obvious.
  10. Boogie2988 says he wants all of DSP's trolls. https://twitter.com/DriverTonka/status/1107237056412090373?s=19
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