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  1. Once upon a time, over a decade ago, people would scour the internet for information about video games on their Release Day. Today, they don't need to as hundreds of thousands of Streamers and YouTubers have been streaming and posting gameplay videos days/weeks in advance. Thus rendering the excitement of a game's release 'Day One' to folks who didn't Pre-Order and those who didn't get their hands on a copy earlier. Today, some folks find themselves in a boat that countless fans have warned of for years. Post Day One ( cough week + )gameplay has usually been the provenance of non-Triple A games handsomely paid for with over a grand of Patreon support...though recently it seems a C-note tip will suffice...for an Indie game. Today, marks as declared, the FIRST time a Triple A title that was wanted to be played on Day One.....was not. Why, one asks? Lack of funds we are told. Lack of funds, one decries? What could possibly be gleaned from this? Hmmm... Time and time again, fans have met Patreon ( now Twitch Sub ) goals for non-Triple A games to be played. Time and time again folks have donated irl on streams for non-Triple A titles to be played. ...........Day one comes........and Day One passes.....and the game wished to be played......isn't being played Day One. Playing it tomorrow, Day Two? Fine, but one wonders if the message sent was received.... Suggestion after suggestion have been posted in this sub forum header. It is hoped that this post will be read by enough folks who tip/cheer that it may be enlightening in a more timely fashion than other posts..and Illuminate the future. "Childhood is measured out by the sounds, smells and sights before the dark hour of reason grows" ~John Betjeman
  2. Such a swift reply makes my day ^.^ Keep up the good work!
  3. Yes, dear, I had at first thought to reply as gently as one could after reading it, but have come to the conclusion that it holds no real value other than being a meter grinder. I commend you efforts as raking up 6 posts per day+/- on such a dead forum must have been quite the effort. Pro Tip: Create threads that will stimulate traffic. On a side note, double posting is bad form. Create another account to move things along if you have to before stooping to double/triple posting in your own thread. Move that sort of thing to a Blog, just saying.
  4. The first part of this reply speaks to my OP. The second, I believe to be a moot point on Twitch. If, he was "infamous" he'd have higher views as many other 'infamous' Streamers have. Twitch and YT are not synonymous. There are many YT viewers who never go to Twitch as well as countless Twitch viewers who while they may watch YT vids have absolutely no idea who he is. People watching a Twitch stream do not normally google the person/name of the Twitch channel they are watching/ follow. This, assuming a new viewer would not know anything other than what they saw. This said, HE shoots himself in the foot constantly bringing up all 'The Drama'....which then...sees the curious person do a Google search. IF he would do as he claims and simply ignore everything on YT, Twitch viewers would be none the wiser. I would venture that the 1k+ stream views "detractor" re-streams have are due to dsp advertising them as well as dsp Twitch viewers ghosting those YT re-streams so as to be up on 'the drama'. Yes, mostly emote spam, a thing he doesn't understand is a part of the platform ( hence subscriber only emotes as a reason to Sub...and service wide emotes as being historic/communally popular)...and banned folks for doing so ( frogs ) until just recently allowing, though I'd venture to say he does not understand as he keeps himself outside of the Twitch Community for reason I do not understand: not learning any lessons from his ten years on YT as far as watching other's content, following trends and accepting offers to co-lab ( I've seen many offers. All have been shot down ). Do some streamers raid to poke fun at a smaller streamer? Yes, but only when that streamer reacts in such a way that allows it. Do some streamers raid to disrupt a stream? Yes, but only their rivals. Who raided dsp's streams? folks who wanted to send their viewers there as he is not some 20-50 viewer stream they could get a reaction off of NOR is his 300-400 viewer streams big enough to be anyone's 'rival'. Having ones' chat 'attack' Raiders pretty much assures they won't be like Blue-Eyes or I said.....return viewers...which is how I also found many of the stream I follow....via Raids of a Streamer I was watching amt.
  5. While there are a few games with multiple entries, I am adding a 2nd entry to: Graveyard Keeper ( a grand game any of his elderly potatoes could run whilst streaming or he plays them on one of them whilst streaming with his usual tower. ) and Kerbal Space Program ( a classic that I'd greatly enjoy seeing him attempt to play. Hope he can get Jeb into space.) As a personal nominations I submit: One Hour One Life ( a timed survival/life simulator game that is Multi-player, BUT everyone is an Anon, so he has NO reason to balk at this while affording him the opportunity to learn how much fun Multi-player games can be as he is helped by other players AND is faced with having to help other players born into the world. As every minute is one Year, he will need to rely more on the in-game players teaching him how to play than hand holders in the chat...which I am sure the Old 'before streaming' viewers would enjoy....one is Immersed in this game world OR they DIE , as time passes to quickly for one to stop and confer with a stream chat in the incredibly awkward way he has things set up. This is another reason I nominate this game in that it might show him the reason so many people over the years have suggested he change his Old School Ytber who streams set up to a Streamer set-up ( aka having the chat in Line of Sight of the game ). I do realize after today's first stream pre-stream, this will be railed against, but moving furniture about ( or merely sliding a laptop over to the other side of a table ) does not require the super duper tech savvy of figuring out how to set up a WishList on Amazon, both, I venture could be accomplished by his wife this very evening if he asked for her help. Which is what a marriage should be: a partnership where one helps the other.
  6. For having 505 posts, one wonders where the 404 Not Found Error occurred. Perhaps, one merely finds oneself unmeasuredly fortunate to at this time be able to enlighten forum members to the presence of the much bespoke Patron section of these forums to which non-Patrons ( such as yourself) and perhaps Forum members who have not attended any number of streams nor happened to watch any of the on demand videos available are unaware of existing. Additionally, I feel equally blessed in being able to post this days after the new Viewer Centric goal ( that some curiously seem unaware of ) was reached. Now, while it is possible that monthly goals might return to being Patron's Choice as they have historically been. One is fairly confident that this new model, albeit one thinks to be misguided, has been fully embraced to the point of submitting the aforementioned post.
  7. One feels a good start would be to winnow the Series section and/or remove it completely. If the section absolutely needs to remain, a Sub Goal section could be added. Though not technically 'a series', their regularity could easily place them in this category. It would also aid in locating said Sub Goal game suggestion threads as while the newest Sub Goal is believed to have been met, one has been unable to find it's corresponding thread here on the Forums.
  8. I shall preface this post once again by stating I know the sword of dsp-o-cleas hangs over my head. I feel, however that it is important enough to post in the hopes that hindsight is indeed 20-20. One thinks it may behoove folks to sit back and for a moment take into advisement some of the suggestions given and perhaps do a bit of looking about, eschewing the impulse toward hurling inflammatory statements out of left field when no where in the original suggestion one can even find cause for such...as it turned out that BOTH Days Gone (as was brought up in the OP as being a fan gifted game) and a scant ten days later the likewise Fan Funded game suggested, A Plague Tale was purchased and streamed. The OP I posted was not done nor do I feel as if in reading it comes across as "bitching". I could of course be wrong...but, IF I follow the advice to " Grow up, wake up and stop bitching" when it comes to suggesting games....other non Triple A Titles will likewise go unnoticed and unplayed. ...Thus, I have made this post. While, I guess this too may be seen as being immature , asleep and bitching...this post attempts to dissuades the reader from lashing out at the mote in his brother's eye while not considering the the beam in his own'( Matthew 7:3).
  9. Okay, this is for any forum member wishing to light an area to keep mobs from spawning...or wishing to build a Mob Spawner: Sunlight, lava and fire give a block a light value of 15 and torches 14 -1 per space. Mobs SPAWN on certain blocks* when the light lvl is 7 Thus unless you wish to pave your entire area with Glass blocks ( other blocks are available ), one needs place torches so that the light lvls remain above 7. Easy, peasy, yes? Not exactly as torches light in a diamond pattern. For maximum coverage, you should tessellate. Offsetting the torches, allows for an extra space between them : XX XX XX XX XX XX 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 08 09 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 08 09 10 09 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 08 90 10 11 10 09 08 XX XX XX XX XX 08 09 10 11 12 11 10 09 08 XX XX XX 08 09 10 11 12 13 12 11 10 09 08 XX 08 09 10 11 12 13 TT 13 12 11 10 09 08 XX 08 09 10 11 12 13 12 11 10 09 08 XX XX XX 08 09 10 11 12 11 10 09 08 XX XX XX XX XX 08 09 10 11 10 09 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 08 09 10 09 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 08 09 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX 08 XX XX XX XX XX XX NOTE: This is for flat surface lighting bleed off values of -1 per block. Changes in elevation affect lighting values and should be taken into account. When in doubt, check the light value for the block in question and adjust torch placement as needed ( 8 or Above ). . * Mobs can NOT spawn on a block with: Light level 8 fences repeaters CLOSED gates** CLOSED trap doors** tilled earth** slabs ( of any kind)** Stairs ( of any kind) **] Carpet ** ** due to height variance beds chests pressure plates levers buttons rails Any block you considered a transparent block : Glass, iron bars, cobwebs, leaves and lava.
  10. ALL of these are not only addressed, but explained as to HOW they work in the OP. as to Number three in this post of why it would not work, His mic is Directional meaning it would NOT easily pick up the sounds of the AC behind and to the side of it unless the AC has a broken fan blade that clatters about...or is of such poor build quality as to be exceedingly noisy*. * I record with a $20 directional mic I bought at Walmart in 2013 sitting directly in front of and barely 1 meter away from my window unit AC that blows into my room from it's perch in the window. Can't hear it at all.
  11. I realize that while having been streaming on Twitch for over five years, he knows little to nothing about the platform. Thus I post a rudimentary primer for Twitch Raid etiquette: 1) Raids are not a personal attack against the channel. Nine times out of ten they are bigger channels attempting to help smaller ones by sending their chat to some random small channel*. Twitch is a Community of streamers. This ideal ....and Raids...date back to when Twitch was Justin.TV. Granted, raids have been used to troll adversaries, but mainly raids were done to expose audiences to smaller channels. 2) As a Raid is NOT usually considered to be an 'attack/invasion', it is customary to THANK the streamer who sent their audience to your channel. It is also customary to thank and WELCOME these 'raiders' to the channel...as one usually seeks to grow their channel. 3) While one who does not understand what a Raid is at first, it is generally not the best idea to foster a 'Us Vs Them' mentality in the stream chat. Twitch IS a Community of streamers. Yes, Raiders SPAM the chat. They mostly spam the name of the streamer who sent them to raid a stream. Back-in -the-day, small streamer had special pop-ups they would play when they were Raided. This encouraged regular stream viewers to welcome the new comers as well as fostering an environment where the 'Raiders' would wish to hang about.....and perhaps 'follow' the streamer that they might return when that streamer was on again. Inciting one's chat to " fight spam with spam" and taking on an 'Us vs Them' stance does little to give anyone taking part in the raid an incentive to stick around or come back. I will at this point out how quickly the 'stream viewer' numbers dropped during the two Raids I witnessed: 442>906>1706>1898>1502>1180>555>446 second raid 444>1172>858>615> 549 ( waving your arms after a death)>504>418 This second raid, the narrative to 'attack the invaders' was already in place and in the minds of the regular stream viewers. While further data would be required to make an accurate claim, the RAPID decrease of viewers in these two raids is plain to see. Neither time was the raid issuing streamer thanked nor raiders welcomed. I am of the mind that this was the result of a lack of knowledge as to the workings of the platform, it is hoped that this will hope educate and foster a better attitude toward any future raids. *
  12. While looking through the fan art, I found an image of an updated streaming set up that would improve quality for both streamer and viewer. Anticipating where this set up might be said to be untenable. I include the following points: 1) The modem can stay exactly where it is. All that is needed is perhaps a longer ethernet cable ( the cable that connects the modem to the PC ). It's probably time to upgrade to a Cat 7 anyways as Cat 7 cables are capable of reaching up to 100 Gbps at a range of 15 meters ( ~49ft ). As the updated set up moves the tower a few meters away from where it is now this is not a problem. Cat 6 cables can technically support speeds up to 10 Gbps up to 55 meters...guessing the same cables are being used since moving in, so ...yeah, that's a thing. 2) Moving the laptop table to be in LoS ( Line of Sight) of the TV would allow for greater chat interaction as there would no longer be any need to turn Away from the game to Look at chat. I realize that he does not watch other streamers and feel that this is why he seems confounded by people in the chat commenting on his low chat interaction. Most other streamers have their chat in their LoS ( or a glance away ) which allows them to constantly be able to see what is being said, thus they can react in a timely fashion. 3) Having the desk chair facing directly at the window would eliminate the lighting issue encountered when PC gaming. 4) Moving the portable AC unit to the other side of the window would eliminate any previously stated fear of the laptop being overly chilled. Most server rooms are chilled to 65-70F. As I am fairly certain the portable AC Unit is not set to cool the room to below 65F there is little danger of over chilling the laptop. If, though not a stated concern, condensation becomes the worry, I believe the unit is attached to the window with a flexible hose and could easily be angled to face in such a way as to even remotely be blowing directly on the laptop. Additionally, most AC units have adjustable directional airflow baffles that could be angled to blow upwards, further negating any fears. 5) the updated setup allows for the instillation of the green screen which could be moved to behind the desk chair if needed. 6) Moving the loveseat to this new position would allow space for one or both of the green screen lights to be placed in the room for more professional YouTube video lighting*. * I realize it is continually said that YT is 'just an archive'. The continuance of making dedicated YT video intros and outros says otherwise. An archive of a stream would be just that, posted footage of the stream, period. Streams are literally brought to a screeching halt for the recording of YT video intros that more often than not repeat close to word for word what was said to the stream audience moments earlier. YT viewers are not going to feel slighted if the video of an 'archived stream' does not contain a dedicated intro addressing them...stream viewers, however are watching the stream Live because they have the time to do so. Wasting said time rehashing what has already been said....on stream...for a YT video...that is to be posted as an Archive of 'the stream'...It is hoped that now, it is not to difficult to see why people have made 'YT is just an archive' into a meme.
  13. I'll preface this by saying that I fully expect this thread to be deleted and to be perma-banned...it's something that NEEDS to, should have been said a long time ago, so I'll stick my neck out and say it. The end-all-be-all of Triple A titles ended when Minecraft blew that fallacy out of the water once and for all. Time and again, this has proven to be true....while continually being ignored here. The newest example being that being 'A Plague Tale'.* One would have thought that after 'Days Gone' was so recently cast aside regardless of viewer advice for the word of Reviewers, who are constantly held in low regard/called shills was found to be a grand game upon actually playing it ( via a $100 Tip to do so ), viewer opinions were seen to be a bit more valid....as critics later went on to echo. Was anything learned from this? ....sadly no. Viewers repeatedly asked for 'A Plague Tale', a $40 game that was eschewed for the mediocre $60 Rage 2 that I cannot recall ANYONE asking to be played. This obsessive need to play all the triple A titles Day One in the age of early release copies to YouTubers and now Streamers while turning a blind eye to ALL the other games out there boggles the mind. Surely someone with a business/finance degree upon no longer having 'Day One Consumer Release' advantage due to the promotional early release of Triple A titles would by now realize a switch to being a Big fish in a Little pond would be far more advantageous than trying to catch up with the Big Fish who are days ahead. Personally, if my livelihood relied on it, I'd be burning the midnight oil seeking out the next game that could take the world by storm and propel me along with it...before everyone and their grandmother was playing it...as is the case with A Plague Tale now...but not, perhaps with the next opportunity. It will, however, require work seeking these opportunities out as by the time stream chat offers said games they have been playing up....it's already to late.
  14. My post contains the constructive criticism I have to offer. The answers to your questions are located in the chat logs.
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