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  1. I did not include the streaming of things other than games as while continuing to stream his recording of his Ask the King YouTube videos, he patently refuses to expand outside his comfort zone of a YouTube Let's Player that streams while recording for their videos to a modern streamer who posts their streams on YouTube. He may claim that YouTube is "just an archive of the streams", but the dedicated YouTube Intros that repeat almost word for word what was not moments ago said on the stream says otherwise. An Archive video starts at the beginning and includes everything. The daily Unrecorded segments before and after he leans-in to click start/stop make it crystal clear that a YOUTUBE VIDEO is being made. He is slowly coming to the realization that he often brings in more money while 'Just Chatting' for the 15-20 mins before clockout time than while he was recording footage for his YouTube Let's Play. So I do expect to see more of this type thing. To be honest, I'd prefer him do 'Just Chatting' streams than his 'Chill Streams' as they are getting closer and closer to going full Twitch Thot with at his own admission that " It's not about the gameplay, it's about the interactions" and viewers coming to watch a game being played should go watch a different stream. It's just too cringe to watch a long time Gaming YouTuber start down the road of game play taking a backseat to seeking 'interactions'. I no longer attend the 2nd streams not watch the videos. He could, but won't stream DSP Tires it videos ( of food or NON-food items) and Cooking with the King episodes. Fans want both of these and the only valid reason I can come up with for his refusal is that the wife won't allow him to film anything outside of his gaming room. This said, I'd rather not a repeat of last year's additional tier DSP Tires It Sub goal where he ate a handful of dry Holiday theme cereal out of the box while seated on his loveseat...
  2. I looked at the last 100 games played and almost HALF of them were AAA Title Action Adventure Games (46). This makes you, for the most part are a AAA Title Action Adventure Game streamer. Out of the past 100 games played, 46 of them were Action games, 11 FPS, 8 Platformers, and 7 were Fighting games. A 'Variety Streamer' should play more than 4 genre of games. There are 37 different genres of games. Amazingly, out of the 37 different video game genres only 17 genres have been played with 9 of those 17 only having 1-3 titles represented: Racing: 3 Hack & Slash: 2 Open World Sandbox: 2 Visual Novel: 2 Battle Royale: 2 Puzzle: 1 Stealth: 1 Dungeon Crawler: 1 Thriller:1 There are 20 genre of games completely unrepresented. 20 genre of games not played once in the past 100 games that have been played. A self styled Variety Streamer that only plays 17 of the 37 genres with a single genre being hands down the most frequently played doesn't really speak of much 'variety'. The main reason for such a skewed list of game genre being played is due to the slavish insistence on playing only AAA Titles, the majority of which are Action game titles. One had hoped that after being cajoled by stream chat to play titles such as Plague Tale and Untitled Goose Game you would have gone on to seek out and play other non-AAA Titles of your own accord. Sadly, that was not the case as the streams are back to a schedule of nonstop New AAA Titles. In order to become a true 'Variety Streamer', it's time to discard the outdated 'Day One' AAA Title Youtuber model and branch out toward playing more A, AA and Indie Title games. Once upon a time, playing games on their release day proved to be a profitable YouTube video model. Those days are long gone. For years, YouTubers and Streamers have been given games early, streaming and posting videos of the gameplay before the game is released. Seeing as for some reason I cannot fathom you choose to not avail yourself to FREE copies of games early the only logical course of action is to discard your old way of doing things. When 'Day One' rolls around, countless streamers and YouTubers have already been playing the AAA Title New Releases for days if not weeks. Outside of your fans, few people are going to be attracted to your 'Day One New Release' streams as most people interested in the game are already watching a streamer play the game or following a series on YouTube. It's time to move on as it is no longer a viable option trying to compete with others for views of New Releases.
  3. @PhiI Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set a YouTube Playlist to play on a loop that does not play videos outside of the Playlist. While I myself have never had a video from outside of a Playlist start to play I'm taking your word for it being something you have had difficulty with it occurring. Step one: Click on the Playlist of your choice. Step Two: Click on the 'LOOP' icon. Step Three: To stop the next 'Suggested Video' from playing move the slider to the left.
  4. Fans select the 'genre' of the costume. He picks out which costume he wants to wear
  5. I don't recall seeing a thread to vote on the games that were nominated for this upcoming Halloween stream and there isn't a poll in the nomination thread. I was a little confused that Luigi's Mansion 3 made it onto a poll as no one nominated that game. First Luigi's Mansion game on gamecube was nominated, but not Luigi's Mansion 3. The games that won and will be played during this upcoming Halloween stream according to the Minecraft stream tonight are as follows: Bloodstrained Ritual of the Night Blasphemous Visage Stalker Luigi's mansion3
  6. During first stream, he said a King costume would fall under the 'Wild Card' category. "Totally zany"...
  7. @MoraMoria Trip vlogs, Staycations: He hasn't done any because he couldn't. I mean two of the times he flew Kat out to Seattle, he had told viewers that he was taking that time off to clean his house and rest. His new girlfriend was a secret until he decided to post pictures of the back of her head in December. Unfortunately, I don't see any in the future either .
  8. Honestly, this may be true for him. The more you do, the more you can do. The average person who is considered to lead a sedentary lifestyle gets vastly more exercise. They leave their homes five days a week. They walk from their cars/transport to their office. They walk to and from places while at work: washroom, breakroom, etc. They leave their desk to go eat lunch and at the end of the day walk to their car and drive home. Once home, they do all the other things ""moving", making breakfast, streaming, washing, eating dinner, clean up and shower" with perhaps 'streaming' not being on that list though there are many people who work full time jobs that come home and stream for as many hours as he does.
  9. Okay, another pro hot tip @Phil...MOVE your laptop or where ever it is your read chat now to a place you can SEE IT WHILE PLAYING. This is what streamers have done for years and years before they incorporated stream tool addons to help them with this. While I in no way expect any addons to be incorporated, perhaps, MOVING the laptop so the game AND chat are in the same eyeline would be prudent as this has been a commonplace practice since 2012 for streamers not engaged in PC gaming...where a second monitor on their desk showed the chat.
  10. This thread started in Sept of 2017 has seen an number of very good suggestions. Suggestions I do not feel that @PhiI has taken the time to read as I can safety say that none have been implemented. I will at this time point out that many are well known, well used and financially solvent suggestions having over the past going on 2 years been implemented by other streamers to great success. @PhiI should scroll up to read them. I'll add some others: 1) Be on time. . . period The stream is set at quarter past the hour. I can count on one hand the number of times the stream started at that time in the last month. This is Okay. If it is too early, then set the start time to half past. If the stream manages to start early, then viewers would have to sit through less songs of the 15 min + pre-prestream as I call this segment. Why do I say that being on time to start a stream that has 15+mins of music pre-prestream? The stream is posted to start at a certain time. I will wager that 95% of the viewers either have jobs or classes to attend and know to be on time. Repeated tardiness in our society is frowned on and learned at an early age. Streamers, unlike employees and students, make their own schedules. If quarter past 10AM is to early, then set the time back. The streamer's audience is not only their customers, but also their Boss. A shop that regularly opens late or an employee who regularly shows up late for work will see negative repercussions irl. Going out on a limb, but I will proffer that the 15+ mins of songs is a buffer for tardiness. While this may work on regular viewers who know to tune in at half past, potential new repeat viewers do not. A streamer should be on time to start their stream or push that start time back to a time they can manage. 2) The streamer should engage their audience without having to be prompted to do so. It is the streamer/YTer, the entertainer, who should drive engagement. Tell stories. Ask questions. Doing so will drive income as viewers strive to have their message read ( a-la the Minecraft stream goldmine so many others discovered years ago). This is why the successful streamers/YTers keeps ontop of whatever is relevant to their stream be it games, current events or social media/memes. The streamer/Yter should inform their audience not be informed by them. Folks in this profession are not called 'Influencers' for nothing. Streamers/YTers should strive to be ahead of the curve, ahead of their audience not behind it. They should at the very least be up to speed. Before the 'I can't get games early' card is thrown, being Ahead of the curve means the Streamer does the research and reaches out to the devs. Once you have the game early, what can anyone do? This takes time and effort though. This is why being a successful streamer/YTer is not a 9-5 job. It takes work after the stream is over, after the vid is edited and published. It takes the work of Seeking out the games that are being made before they become common knowledge. It takes time and effort. Does every game pan out? No. Can being on the forefront pay off? YES! PlagueTail did not come out of nowhere. It wasn't even an 'Indie title'*. Which is why so many other people were streaming the game, which caught the eye or your @PhiI's audience, who repeatedly asked it to be played in a timely manner. "stupid questions" are asked by Fans. It is known, that you, @PhiI may not understand why they ask as you have proclaimed to never had any role models, been interested in sports nor have any hobbies, one may safety say that 99.9% of other people have one or more of these as a point of interest. Thus they ask questions. As a streamer/Yter, it is part o f the job to answer these questions: Favorite this or that. If you truly do not have a favorite anything ( which boggles the mind) then make something up. It's not that difficult. Role-players do it all the time. I can offer you several Character Creation sheets with questions to answer for your character**. It's a simple matter of staying IC ( In-Character) during streams. Countless streamers, Yters and Role-Players do this. Prestreams can then be OOC ( Out-Of-Character ) the way role-players talk with each other outside of RPing up to the Cheer/Tip segment where you @PhiI then go IC. *https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asobo_Studio ** https://www.roleplayingtips.com/characters/character-questionnaires/
  11. The utility may not require payment of more than seven percent of the customer's monthly income. In addition, the customer must pay one-twelfth of any billings from the date application is made through March 15th. If the customer does not pay the past-due bill by the following October 15th, the customer will not be eligible for protections under this section until the past-due bill is paid. 7% of $10k= $700. One-twelfth of any billing is markedly less with a grace period of 8 months. Using only the Metrics freely available online for Twitch income. Seeing a steady 150,000 Weekly Views on YT, using the conservative $1/1k views for a channel that lacks an MCN, I cannot imagine many bills being paid with a passive income of $150x4/month ( $600) off of YT income for the past year.
  12. In the case of Patreon he acted pennywise and pound foolish in the first place. What's done is done and he did it to himself. He was a 'full time streamer' from the onset back in 2013. Difference being Twich didn't have tips and cheers back then and he was still making enough off YouTube to openly diss Twitch streamers back then who asked viewers to Sub to their Twitch channel ( see below from before cheers and tips were a thing on Twitch with Tweets posted by him before he went back after learning about the additional revenue stream of Tips and cheers): He's a "full time streamer" now, times change...
  13. Not seeking to be banned, but.... @PhiI saying that because you have been able to carry on for ten years might not be the best response to folks who offer legit criticism . You started streaming on Twitch in 2013. LOTS of things have changed since then. To be honest, everyone knows that you know very little about either Twitch, YouTube or how the world in general has changed in the last decade. Knowing this, it would be best if you took a step back before going on rants baited by folks who know you;re going to comment on things you have outdated knowledge about and they can use to make you look bad. This could be easily fixed by putting n a modicum of time reading trade publications to keep abreast of the news an trends related to your 'business'. Denoting every contrary opinion voiced with a BAN does not serve to grow your Brand as new viewers you may wish to foster as return viewers are better served by not being summarily banned on their first day for having names that are felt to be a slight ( Twitch is Millions of channels and multi-Billions of users. Not every name you might think is as a slight against you means it is) and not every new follower who types something you don't like isn't a "detractor" Hate to say it, but get over yourself. Twitch is so much larger than your channel of 400 viewers. One would think the last WoW where 6 folks showed up but only three hung around would have taught You a lesson. As far as addressing critics: 1) Know what you're talking about. If you don't don't pull facts out of your ass as it is a different world than it was ten years ago. As you said a simple Google search can Dox folks on the forums. Not your fault, being such a neophyte but sorry, but YOU are 100% t blame by poking the bear you alone awoke by declaring her as " undoxxable" and gloating over how safe "she was due to her having stopped posting on"Social Media" and after one pic posted on Instagram she was doxxed in less than `15 mins should have taught folks something. Pro Tip: Don't Poke the Bears, but if you do don't blame others should it blow up in your face. 2) Know your soapbox: You may find that you "have to lie to protect your family" Granted not many take it to ..lvls....seen. \ PweDiePie with 100 mill subs most likely has 10mil of then being trolls. He told his fans he WAS going to get married, just not the day...for his easily researched wedding having spent 800thousand + just to rent the space. License , flowers, catering and photos not included to have his wedding at the world renown Kew Gradens with a Honeymoon in Bali . Feelsbadman I guess @PhiI has his reasons for both lying to everyone for months. I believe he recently said that it was to "protect his family". While I am sure he believed this was necessary in his own mind one cannot help mirror much larger YouTubers who did not feel the need to lie about their wedding or adopting pets: While @PhiI adopted a desirable declawed kitten , PewDiePie adopted a one eyed adult dog who most likely would have gone without a loving forever home. https://pewdiepie.fandom.com/wiki/Maya But it is not only this one streamer adopting an adult pet that might not be adopted by other people : (Spudgy was 4 when he was adopted, blind in one eye as well with numerous other problems ( hips, heart and jaw ) known about at the time of adoption) https://youtu.be/8Cogn6x3o78?t=300 RIP- In Memory of Spudgy: 2004-2018 2)Don't bann dissent or assume to know more than the person in chat. 3) Listen to what folks have to say 4) Don't call criticism an attack. Ten years on YouTube should have grown a thicker skin so refrain from banning every comment that might not fall in line to the narrative as that is a noob/SJW thing to do. Most folks might want to help,
  14. @PhiI and anyone else who has a YouTube/Stream, I offer this advice: Look AT and use your Metrics. 1) What are Metrics: Metrics are measures of quantitative assessment commonly used for assessing, comparing, and tracking performance or production. Generally, a group of metrics will typically be used to build a dashboard that management or analysts review on a regular basis to maintain performance assessments, opinions, and business strategies. ( https://www.investopedia.com/terms/m/metrics.asp ) YouTube and other platforms offer availability to extensive information on metric numbers any user can employ to improve their brand ( see below). 2) How can I use metrics? https://www.managementstudyguide.com/what-are-metrics.htm By taking the time to review the metrics available and applying these numbers to a plan ( long or short term) a profitable outcome can be achieved. Using @PhiI as an example, the change from Patron Choice to Sub Goal Choice had a negative effect to the overall income of the business. The regular monthly Patreon income ( $1250) suffered a significant hit while Subscriber income was not significantly increased as The trade off was from $5 to $2.50... not the best trade off when only 250 $5.00 patrons would used to meet the goal it takes 500 Twitch Subs to meet the same goal. Granted 600 subs brings in $1,500, A sub goal could be implemented to to cover the $250 loss much easier with a profit as that is a Sub goal of only 100 people. Penny wise and Pound foolish. Having a steady Sub base of upwards of 500 who may or may not contribute to Patreon now, is a loss of an additional $1250 ( 500x $2.50) who would sub. With 99 Patrons atm for a total of $444 using Metrics tells me the average Patron is giving more that the Twitch sub fee. I would wage that these folks still pay for Twitch subs as well. I would wager that the $1250 patrons also held Subs. The metrics don't lie and this isn't rocket science*. BEST way to maximize your income stream is to keep the one you have while adding onto it not the other way around. Add to this the Tips and Cheers gained every stream and cutting off a tried and true income stream that requires fewer contributors for an imagined gain of $250/month does not seem the best choice. I, however do not have a degree in finance, so perhaps I am basing my numbers on my 4 decades of knowing how to use a calculator and managing a household all on my own. Pro Tip: having paid bills for longer than @PhiI has been alive ( being born before man landed on the Moon ) and most likely longer than anyone reading this I offer this advice: CANCEL any AUTOPAY if you do not have the money in your account to pay the bill as It is less expensive to eat a late fee on a bill than pay a bank overdraft charges. Plus all bills have a grace period to go unpaid. They then charge one a Late Fee which is less than a Bank over draft charge ( just an FYI for @PhiI since he doesn't seem to know this ). Eclectic Companies give you 60+ to pay a bill so that is an easy one to skip month and are not allowed to cut your electric during Summer or Winter due to nonpayment by Law in the States due to health risk from heat death or hypothermia. The More You Know: For Washington State: WASHINGTON Date-basedyes Protection DatesNovember 15-March 15 Temperature-basedno Seasonal PolicyProtection for hardship customers who qualify or apply for energy assistance and enter payment plan. OtherDisconnection is delayed if a medical emergency exists or 10% of the delinquent balance is paid within 5 business days. Need written certification from a qualified medical professional that is valid only for the length of time the health endangerment is certified to exist but no longer than sixty days. Medical certification can be renewed once within 120 days. Deferred PaymentsDisconnection is prohibited if customer agrees and adheres to a monthly payment during the winter period. The utility may not require payment of more than seven percent of the customer's monthly income. In addition, the customer must pay one-twelfth of any billings from the date application is made through March 15th. If the customer does not pay the past-due bill by the following October 15th, the customer will not be eligible for protections under this section until the past-due bill is paid. PUC/PSC ContactsConsumer line: 888-333-9882 Email: [email protected] Consumer FAQ/Bill of Rightswww. ( SOURCE: https://liheapch.acf.hhs.gov/Disconnect/disconnect.htm ) *( Twitch streamers earn a minimum of 50% of the subscription fees. The more subscribers they have, the more they get to keep. “Top tier partners” get up to 70% of the subscription fees. ~ Source: 2019 article https://wallethacks.com/how-much-do-twitch-streamers-make/ ) Addendum: One has but to call a utility or other company one owes money to to ask for a deferment of payment to a date later in the month. It may possibly take multiple calls if you have a record of late payment for anyone else. I highly suggest anyone in need contact all their bill home or local offices ASAP. It has been my best knowledge that they are more than willing to work with you to pay your bills.
  15. During the prestream it was brought to @PhiI 's attention that YouTube would be making changes after being fined $170Million by the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission ) for COPA violations. While he waved off this well meaning admonishment from a stream viewer (who knew his history of being uninformed) calling it "just a rumor" while allocating blame to channels such as Logan Paul, Markiplier and PewDidPie, it is true and has nothing to do with either person while not understanding that the ads he sees on these videos ARE targeted toward him and others would see different ads targeted toward them based on their internet footprint and going on to declare "why would I worry". YouTube had already sent out emails concerning these changes. The email also detailed the creation of a $100Million fund to help channels during the transition. @PhiI should have received this email. It would be a good idea if he perhaps 'starred' emails from YouTube that they not disappear into the void of his Hotmail Spam folder and by doing such would be able to be informed on policy changes. These most recent changes to be rolled out will most likely only affect his Minecraft videos or any videos of games 'rated E for everyone, E+10 and Teen*'. They are, however, true and will be implemented after a transitional period of three months as stated in the email YouTube sent out to all channels. Other parts of the changes will not affect @PhiI as he does not have sponsors, targeted advertisements or comments enabled on his videos**. While it is recognized that @PhiI knows next to nothing about the many changes that have occurred on YouTube over the past decade, Channels dedicated to producing content targeted at children abound. There is even a special category with an app for these videos named YouTube Kids ( https://youtube.com/kids/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhvHauIrC5AIVxJyzCh2-oAexEAAYASAAEgLSnfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds ) Truth In Advertising, a Connecticut non-profit that seeks to protect consumers from advertising and marketing that deceives people, filed a complaint with the FTC on Aug. 28 against the channel RyanToysReview with it's estimated $22Million yearly earnings in a separate FTC complaint that YouTube addressed in their mass email as well as the ** quote.*** Both stories have been widely reported on outside of the email sent by YouTube itself. I will not include links to them as a simple Google search I feel will suffice. That @PhiI was unaware of this is baffling. It is hoped that this post will help to inform all parties on this matter and that any who would be affected would do their due diligence to delve into the matter during the 'grace period' YouTube outlined in their mass email to all content creators. When one's income is derived from online media content, it would be a smart decision to stay abreast of the industry news and trends outside of one source , social media ( Twitter ) * https://www.esrb.org/ratings-guide/ **Around the end of this year, YouTube will, in effect, start treating all views of kids-directed videos on YouTube as if every watcher is an actual child, regardless of the viewer's real age. That means it'll limit the data it collects on those views to the bare minimum -- only what's "needed to support the operation of the service," YouTube said. YouTube will also halt kids-oriented videos from having personalized ads, comments and notifications. And it'll require that uploaders tell YouTube when their videos are directed at children. Most of the changes are required by the FTC settlement. One measure -- YouTube tapping machine learning to help police videos being classified correctly for kids -- goes beyond what the FTC requires. (Source: https://www.cnet.com/news/youtube-170m-fine-kids-video-policy-changes-google-settle-ftc-investigation/ ) ** * (Source: https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/youtube-ryan-toysreview-federal-trade-commission-truth-in-advertising-complaint )
  16. Kind of makes one wonder why someone would chose to buy the only 'middle condo' in the entire gated community.
  17. May I ask why someone who has been streaming episodes of Minecraft for as long as they have (120 hrs and counting ) would say the game is boring while still continuing to stream the game every week without fail? There are countless objective as yet unreached in the OP Minecraft thread here on the forum. Granted Mr Papa abandoned the thread to post outside the forum but that in no way diminishes the original posts, it's lists of goals, other posts and alternate threads made about the same game that seem to have gone ignored. If we get down to brass tracks, in the lengthy amount of time that has been weekly allocated to stream Minecraft gameplay( upwards of 120hrs ) the streamer has barely accomplished any number of things even a casual minecraft streamer/*cough * player would have in the same time especially given this streamer is playing a ez-mode console version where crafting is effortless inventory based plug-and-play that removes the need to learn even the smallest aspects of rudimentary crafting mechanics (hence mining diamond with a stone pick two streams ago).
  18. Not seeing as where this is in any way a hard row to hoe" Well glad Derich had his list of skipped nominations as for reasons I cannot understand all previous thread s for the exact same event before this one have...vanished. Keep heart. I shall watch all previous ones and lets folks know what has already been reacted to.
  19. 11 years* (fixed). The daily retelling of his history as 'a content creator' could easily be removed. People coming to watch a game on Twitch aren't there to hear the life story of the streamer everyday nor do they care. New viewers joining the stream during the lengthy prestream most likely wander off to watch streams that are engaged in gameplay. A good bit of the negative blowback could be eliminated by placing the 'prestream' in the 'Just Chatting' section on Twitch. Streamers who do have prolonged 'prestreams' start their streams in the 'Just Chatting' section for this reason. The prestream could be encapsulated into the 30min of music played everyday before the start of the live portion of the prestream ( the pre-prestream?). Insert a card of the stream schedule that is posted daily on Twitter into the pre-prestream slideshow. This takes care of the 'Week-in-Preview' section of the prestream. There are already cards in the slideshow detailing methods of contributions as well as the information being posted on the channel page. Add a card informing viewers that Tipping is preferred? This is, however, repeated often during the gameplay portion of the stream. Shout-outs for Cheers, Subs and Tips are given during gameplay as they are received. Contributions made during the shortened prestream could be acknowledged while starting the day's gameplay. I will at this time point out that streamers who do have a prestream segment use this time to set-up which allows them time to fiddle with co-op voicechat/deal with any tech difficulties that may arise. This is the only stream I have seen where the streamer has a 'prestream', but waits until after ending said lengthy segment of slideshow cards to set-up their stream/set-up co-op voicechat/deal with tech issues/game updates.
  20. ...the same way people had been streaming porn and other 'banned content' in the Artifact category without consequence for ages. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone streaming the actual game in that category until media outlets began reporting on what was common knowledge among Twitch viewers. That and it being well known that Twitch is selective when it comes to which channels they choose to penalize for reported TOS violations and reports they choose to ignore.
  21. He'll play each game 1-1.5 hours (though sometimes less). 5 games at 60-90mins each is all there is time for as his 'marathons' are only 7-8hrs long with frequent breaks.
  22. Took the liberty to tally the nominations so far: 1) Ninja Gaiden (9) 2) Celeste (6) 3) Furi (5) 4) Tie: Ghost & Goblin/CTR (4) 5)Tie: RD2 Online/Morrowind (3)
  23. Due to the expense of vet bills, Pet Insurance is practically a must have in this day and age. Having a declawed cat makes purchasing pet insurance even more important. Why, one may ask? A declawed cat no longer has it's built-in Fall Protection...and will never 'understand' that this has occurred. Having a 'cat tree' exacerbates the dangers of the cat suffering a fall injury. Declawing involves the removal of everything down to the first knuckle on each of a cat’s toes, thus declawed cats suffer from chronic back pain leading to possible lameness over time as the the normal gait and weight distribution is irrevocably changed by the amputations putting a constant, unnatural strain on the animal's muscles. This abnormal gait can lead to an increased risk and early onset of arthritis which adds the expense of daily pain management and heated cat beds in order to increase the pet's quality of life. Additionally, some declawed cats have been known to stop using their litter box due to discomfort, choosing to use softer, more comfortable substrates such as carpets, piles of clothes, beds, sofas and pillows. I strongly advise the removal of the mentioned 'cat tree' and the purchase of an insurance policy as well as putting money aside into a pet fund. Pet insurance does not cover the regular yearly cost of check-ups, immunizations nor the monthly costs of heartworm, hairball and flea medications. These are new expenses a pet owner takes on in addition to food, liter and toys. Toys are a regular expense not to be over looked as a bored pet can rather quickly begin to develop behaviors their owners will undoubtedly regard as problematic in their efforts to alleviate their boredom. While one is sure that bringing this cat into the home has been an enjoyment for the household, one wonders if doing so was financially prudent. It is not a stretch of the imagination to surmise that the increased difficulty of being able to pay bills on time in 2019 may be due in part to having taken on the added financial responsibility of pet ownership. What's done is done. Now, one must look to the future well being of this cat by acting responsibly and planning financially.
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