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  1. Its a really really bad fucking movie. 2/10 at best. Story is everywhere. Bad CGI. And im really starting to get tired of superhero movies. One is being released every week. Enough already.
  2. Yup i got GMod lol. Sounds like my kind of game.
  3. Haven't heard of Stonehearth ill take a look. I really just stick to oldschool Source 2 games like the Half-Life 2 mods and stuff. I play Dota 2 every now and then. I play Elite Dangerous sometimes. Not much of a PC gamer. I dont touch any game thats outside of Steam or the Blizzard launchers. If I do it must be a damn good game, but right now none.
  4. About time idiot. Is there anything coming out for PC? Im not much of a PC gamer so I dont know.
  5. I could care less. Phil has to explain to hundreds of people why he lied this whole time. If banishment makes you guys happy so be it. You're stuck on this 6 man forum not able to Tweet or do anything on social media without a sock account becausce you made ypurself look like an idiot for so many years. I been told ypu to stop talking to me. Finally you listen. What a bafoon. Ummm not many to be honest.... Let me think and ill get back to you. We are in one of the years in between console eras so no real good big games are being released for PS4 and Xbox soon. Im not even interested in Nintendo. E3 is gonna suck because Playstation is not even in it and did that terrible State of Play. Nothing really to look forward too. Yea you seem like you would have time to argue with 10 year old you fucking loser. lmaooo. Stop talking to me like you said you would. . Good day.
  6. tldr. And here some more emojis since they piss you off lmao I wasnt talking to you and you umped in the conversation like an idiot when you said you were done. Get over it. Ignore me if you can't maintain yourself and follow your own words. Idiot.
  7. Your first paragraph was worthless because you ended it by saying I was right, then your 2nd and 3rd paragraph was so stupid . You tried to cover up your stupidity with bigger words but stupid is stupid no matter how you sprinkle it. "I said I was done talking to you, but that didn't mean I was actually done talking you, that just meant I was done talking to you in that thread! I can talk to you whenever I want too! Even after I said I was done!!. Ignore me now!!" Lmfaoo you damn nincompoops have no excuse. You make yourselves look dumb.
  8. Yeah I knew you idiots would not get what im saying and argue semantics so I changed it like 15 minutes ago. You take a long time to type a few sentences. And im not going to argue with you about what the dictionary calls prostitution because I dont know if you ever leave the house or even old enough to go to a bar. If a woman is thrown to you from some guy, and you know you're paying for companionship, then enough money will lead to sex in a slum bar like the one KG was in. (See you even deleted what you said but I still got it, thats what happens when you take 30mins to type a few sentences.) Asking if someone is pregnant after a surprise quick wedding isnt calling somebody fat and isnt inulting considering the circumstances. But im sure youll make it so... Wait werent you done talking to me? Yeah you got all mad and said you were done. Why are you talking to me when none of this concerns you.
  9. You put in several reports to mods, you keep saying im a sock account, now you're putting words in my mouth. I get it, i made you so mad and you want me banned any way you can get it done. I didnt call Kat fat, and yes KGHaleon, when you get thrown a woman from a bouncer of a bar knowing you will be paying for this womans time, thats called borderline prostitution. You just never got to the sex part and paid a prostitutes price just for companionship. Sorry you didnt know that and was suprised you was ripped off over it. Im sorry you're mad man. Just stop publicly talking to me and blowing up the random topics thread. If you're that mad send me a PM.
  10. Im not this person you think I am but im telling you to just stop talking to me and maybe you'll look less dumb *shrug emoji*. Do whatever I guess. Stupid is is what stupid does.
  11. You can call it whatever but if someone tells you they are in financial doom with their parents dying, you give money, and it turns out to be a wedding with a trip to the zoo, you're an idiot if you don't have any questions. I dont care who you think I am, the fact you're here still talking to what you believe is a sock account makes you the dumbass. Now please stop talking to me. Don't want to shit up the only long standing popular thread in this forum.
  12. He called me a jealous liar and more trashy than a redneck from Indiana. Me calling him an idiot is being light.
  13. Who? Why don't you quit responding to me since you think im a troll or whatever? I wasnt even talking to you here, idiot.
  14. Why everytime Nintendo announce a game its either for children a weeaboos? They announced a port called God Eater 3 and I swear I seen Nintendo announce this game 4 ti.es but under a different name.
  15. Great. Now the Last Jedi and Han Solo haters can finally shut the fuck up. God they are so annoying and entitled. The Movies werent that damn bad.
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