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  1. for @Phil to help study in between runs of DKC3 later inthe month A guide hopefully alleviate your stress form earlier today, and allow some explanation of trickier aspects of the game https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/snes/588284-donkey-kong-country-3-dixie-kongs-double-trouble/faqs/73588 I'd advise taking notes on the levels you've yet to do so as to evaluate which goals you cant to do before the LPs I saw you suffering a lot today in the run, and had wanted to help out by referring you to hsi, so you'll hopefully have less frustration with game that you should enjoy regardless of the design I as a fan wish for you to use it so you may succeed and get the most benefit from this game as you can. wish you best of luck in run, and hope it will be of help FB
  2. A poll regarding phil's statement yesterday during his late night minecraft stream that Classic Diablo I or II would not be an enjoyable audience game to play as a downtime game in the future. Having to make this a TLDR version due to time constraints, he claimed that it wouldnot be a game that "you guys" (who are these anonymous 'guys" again?) would like to watch for those seeking the video it's part two of yesterdays stream at around the 55 mnute mark or so, when he has to interrupt himself to fish--likely about 55 or so minutes in. I was kind of shaken by the statement, and so I wanted to put it to the community for a poll to se eif this was really ture I had also wanted to Perhaps invite discussion about the games themselves, and how we've enjoyed either playing it ourselves or watching others, as well tips for hm if he can be made to consider it tips both in help and perhaps the other kind)
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