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  1. That's exactly what im asking. What the hell is this for? To get better at Photoshop? Your muse is Phil's face? Why beautify or turn Phil into a woman and practice on other things? I know Phil approved this, I just dont get the why. It just kind of wierd, especially with the intentions of "rating" these photos.
  2. This is still fucking weird bro..
  3. He sticks his phone in his face a slobers out nonsense under popular tweets. Exactly what I said. Be disgusting and weird. And apparently he has a following of idiots that think its hilarious.
  4. Lol. You might as well cancel the whole thing. Basically reworking the whole fucking movie! And its not just Sonic, the movie's plot looks bad. The budget is already at 90 million, good luck recovering that. Side note: I cant tell you how much I hate seeing this guy under every popular tweet. "Hey let me be known to be completely disgusting and weird even by internet standards, also im going to add nothing to anything I comment on." Yeah lets all follow that guy... *rolls eyes*.
  5. Sebastian Stan isnt captivating, witty, funny, or versatile enough to play Captain America. Winter Soldier is perfect for him because Winter Soldier doesnt really have a personality from all the shit he's been through. Glad they chose Anthony Mackie.
  6. Thats fine. Just tell somebody. Aint like he couldnt go back and do what he wanted at anytime. You are an Avenger. You don't give up your duty not only as military officer, but the savior of Earth off of a whim to be with some random girl in the past. Oh well. New Captain America will be better anyways.
  7. So what you and frankly many people are saying is old Cap is a selfish coward. I understand he wanted a life but man.... Tell somebody.
  8. No need to be insulting to the weak. I apologize. Carry on.
  9. People just don't turn into a different person all of a sudden. Fans loving somebody at first then hating them months or years later isn't a mental disease. Either the fan thinks the streamer did too many foul things, or they grew up. Hey man, you said it. If you think someone hiring a bunch of people that mostly turn out to be idiots, then what does that say about the employer? Thats just guilty by association you thrown out there. I personally don't think any of those that left are idiots. If they feel they are being lied and deceived, an idiot would be staying and letting it happen. I think they are just logical human beings that moved on for various reasons.
  10. Are you calling Phil an idiot for giving idiots a try at moderating?
  11. Just witness the most bizarre shit ever. Over at a friends house in his garage having a few and just talking. Then a fucking random drone just comes out of nowhere and hovers over the driveway. It has a little flashlight and just starts blinking and then speeds off. Im like "What the fuck was that?" My friend explains him and one of his neighbors are having a feud and he fucks with him. He says thats like the 8th time that drone has flown over to his house. He would of shot it down already but a police officer lives next door, and he's just missed taking it down with a rake a couple times. All of it started when my friend called the neighbors son "a little fucking faggot" for kicking a cat while playing in the street. The father has been pissed ever since, and it doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon since my friend sends gay porno magazines to his mailbox.
  12. Not sure which Sonic is best Sonic.. Which is pretty sad considering one cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make and the other was caught masterbating exactly 3 years ago today. :Kappa
  13. This is just too funny. TAl1H3vqGjCUuSWh.mp4
  14. Gotta say, its creepy as fuck to me to look at someones face, let alone another man, and think to edit it into a female. On a side note, I think face app is for transgenders who want to see how they'd look when they transition completely over. No offense to anyone, its just not for me.
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