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  1. Hello fellow movie lovers :) We’d love your input on this idea me and some friends have been working on. Basically we’re tired of being recommended movies by AI and algorithms and would like to just have actual human beings do it. I bet you’ve all been going through each and every “top 10” lists for this-and-that genre, or scrolled through Netflix/HBO/etc. Clicking, clicking, clicking through categories, through thumbnails, through “read more” and trailers and been told that THIS movie is definitely a good match for you. But it just seems like these fancy AIs and algorithms that we’ve been promised would make our lives so much better don’t actually know all that much about loving movies, doesn’t it? We’re working on an app that simultaneously allows you to get great movie recommendations from movie lovers and to be that movie lover helping out people looking for the next great movie to watch. While we have the basics down, we’re curious to see what other people think before we set things in stone. In short, we’d love to build just the app that you guys would use for this scenario :) Let us know what you think! We’re building this service/app to solve our own problem, and we’d love to solve your problems at the same time :) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZCHZPYM
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