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  1. PlayStation 4 had their Playroom that came at launch with the camera functionality to showcase their system. Do you remember what a disaster that was for Sony? I remember people posting videos on YouTube doing some disgusting yet hilarious things with the Astro bots and their cameras. Needless to say…..that didn’t last and we never saw the Astro mascot again. The PS4 camera was a gimmick that disappeared as quickly as VR. With the PlayStation 5, we saw a return of Astro but this time showcasing their adaptive triggers and new rumble features of the newly designed controller. Playing Astro
  2. Recently, a Days Gone actor suggested that some reviews didn’t finish or rushed through the game, creating misleading reviews. Do you think that reviewers should be obligated to track their time and state that in their review so readers can judge how accurate their opinion may be? Also, do you think that you always have to finish a story to be able to truly review a game? Just a side note, I love that you are on YouTube now...can finally watch you live on my tv instead of my iPad.
  3. When was the last time you randomly ran into a fan IRL? Must be exciting to be recognized in public. I miss 2018 when we had God of War, SpiderMan, and Assassins Creed, RDR2, Detroit Become Human and more. In my opinion, games in the past year and a half have been such a let down with a few good titles here and there. I know you would need to do research to really find the answer, but would you consider 2018 to be one of the best years for game releases in recent memories? As always....I appreciate your content. Keep on keeping on...
  4. Streaming six days a week twice a day can be very taxing on your body. I know most people think that you just play video games for a living but don’t seem to understand that everything you do, both on scene and behind the scenes, can be both physically and mentally draining. Do you think people will ever understand the side of a streamer or will they only see it as a person who just plays fun games for a living? I kind of see it like sports athletes....they play a fun sport for a living and make money. Most people don’t want to hear them complain about their “tough” job because of this, b
  5. Hey Phil, I know you love retro gaming, but I’ve noticed that you did a lot last year. In my opinion, 2019 was a pretty poor year for gaming. Did this cause you to lean more towards old classics? I think it’s funny how back in the day people gave you such a hard time for not editing your videos and just putting raw gameplay up on YouTube. It seems like now a days more people are doing unedited or very limited editing because people want to see all the good and bad in a playthrough I always loved to see your entire playthrough and still enjoy it. I also appreciate the fac
  6. Do you remember your first Twitch live stream? I would like to go back and watch those videos. I also heard you say on an earlier stream that you believe in karma, that all the people who are mean to you will one day pay in some way or another. I also believe in this too, which is why you should always try to do the right thing in life and be kind to everyone. Happy Thanksgiving brother!
  7. Hey Phil, Love your content and always appreciate your streams! Something I always wondered about...when you play online competitive games like Street Fighter, Call of Duty, etc. you seem like you always have a reason why you lost a match or were killed by another player. I don’t mean this in a way to put you down because I honestly love watching your content, but do you honestly mean half the stuff you say during these gameplays or is it just an act because you know people like to see you rage? For example, you may blame lag, abusing a certain cheap mechanic, spamming a move, your
  8. I also vote for Fortnite and COD WWII multiplayer. I also vote for Need for Speed Payback! Thanks!
  9. Hey Phil, I’m not sure what your opinions are about Google Stadia, but I think it’s sort of a rip off. Full price games plus a monthly fee for 4K just to play on any device? I originally thought it was going to be like Netflix but for gaming, which would have been so much better. What are your thoughts on it? Are you going to sign up? I know you talk about the lack of income, but have you ever been a fan of gambling back in the day? You ever visit Atlantic City when you were on the east coast? What’s your game of choice? My personal favorite is Blackjack. W
  10. Ratchet and Clank series! GTA online multiplayer...coop heists
  11. It is currently graduation season for many people. If you were chosen to give the commencement speech at a university, what would be your words of wisdom that you would bestow to the graduating class of 2019? Question 2 if you have time... I saw an article in the New York post a couple months ago about a teacher who tried to motivate his students to do work by offering to play a match of Fortnight with them if their homework was completed. This ended up backfiring because one of the students parents complained to the school, and he ended up getting fired for violating the soci
  12. It is currently graduation season for many people. If you were chosen to give the commencement speech at a university, what would be your words of wisdom that you would bestow to the graduating class of 2019?
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