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  1. I remade my account from the old forums literally just to get a question out since you keep preaching doom and gloom for the series! XD My question is a 2 part- In one of the last retrospective streams, you got a very light-version revelation on the recent fate of Screwattack and their YouTube channel changing to focus on their most successful product- the Death Battle franchise. In a couple of old Ask the King podcasts and a few Hate Live podcasts you've eluded to some past experiences at SGC and a knowledge of Screwattck. Could you share all your past dealings with the Screwattack brand and its people, both in-person and as a lite fan? The second question is going to require me to fully catch you up on Screwattack's story a tiny bit, you can actively choose to share or skip this recap for the podcast as time permits~ So well before this Screwattack rebranding, there was purchase of the entire staff and brand by the company Roosterteeth. (There was one before that, but that's not important here) They were able to streamline a lot of their content with this new backing, however it split their fans with one side favoring the high production Death Battle franchise (and its spin offs) and a different group who liked the real-life personalities and comedy of the staff while just playing video games. After a couple years of this, Craig (you'd remember him better as Stuttering Craig) and a few of his staff realized how the polarization of their fans just hurt both kinds of content, and established a new channel named after and made for their gameplay series - Game Attack After a year or so of the split, the big event happened- the great "Ad-pocalypse" It didn't take more than half a year before YouTube's fuck-up finally caught up to Craig, and they were forced into crowd-funded forms of content and streaming. How does it sound to you that even Craig himself and former staff of Screwattack have been brought down to the same merch sales, cheers, and Patreon to survive, just like yourself? Cheers, from a fan since FF4 After Years playthrough~
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