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  1. Again, the fact that you are still contesting for some need to see some dude on the internet's side piece is creepy and voyeuristic.
  2. Hey I hope your family and friends stay well. Not sure if they could get somewhere safe, but still wish you and your family their best.
  3. This shit is hysterical. Seriously, the drama over playing video games for the internet is amazing. This shit has got to get funnier over the next few days!
  4. Stellaris and Crusader Kings 2 is the ones that I tend to gravitate to. Paradox really nailed down the court intrigue elements and it's been a blast. Some of the supernatural event components in the last couple updates/DLC has been "blah" but the game is five years old now so they're probably running out of features to add to it.
  5. Hahaha are you trying to state that I thought WWE and Boxing were the same type of sporting event? Dude, you are dumb.
  6. Look, I'll go off topic for a minute so we can be amicable. When the same people post and react to the same issues while continuously being passive-aggressive towards people; you set a tone on how people are going to talk and interact with you. Yes, there are people that make troll-accounts and post reactionary content in them, and it works because the same people always jump at the bait consistently. Just stop falling for it; it makes you look gullible. I'll tone down my confrontational posts if you're willing to stop jumping into the same troll trap threads. That is my olive branch. And just so where clear, I don't hate anyone on this forum; I think you fall for some stupid shit from time to time, but that's not indicative of you being a bad person. Stay classy, you beautiful bastards.
  7. How is that treating you? I'm curious to hear how the VR games are doing these days. Speaking of awesome fan-made films, ever see the Batman & Predator one? It's short as hell, but pretty fun and stylized looking
  8. Actually, he didn't. Hence the comparison between you and him; sleep tight. Does this make us detractors? For some reason several of you love to find a way to sneak that word into everything so just curious. Hey quick question, outside of the hugbox threads, do you even post anywhere else? I look at your feed and the only places you seem to congregate are the "drama" centric conversations. It's okay to post elsewhere, you might find it even more enjoyable. lol, no wonder you jump all to Amy's support; look at your activity feed and the two of you practically up vote every post you all make. Now THAT is some circle-jerking, echo chamber action right there!
  9. Jared Leto's joker seemed nothing similar to Ledger's. Leto was more a pulpy gangster that was highly unhinged, impulsive, and psychotic. Ledger's seemed methodical in execution and really played the yin to Batman's yang. He was more of a force of nature that was truly Batman's polar opposite.
  10. That is some Sammy Samosa levels of logic right there. No, that was not a compliment. So is the argument that wrestling is real or fake? The story line is scripted but those men and women do put a huge physical toll on their bodies. The physicality is definitely real but it's still scripted story arcs.
  11. Oh snap; a New Mutants movie? Noice. I mean, the last time I read New Mutants was back in 1990'ish, so I have no idea what the new generation of New Mutants is like, but that's rad. That said, yeah, that was a good finale and season of GoT overall. It felt like the writers wrapped up a lot of lingering story lines that had been meandering around for six seasons. Also, the Cleganebowl tease last night was awesome.
  12. Already taking pre-orders for the game on Steam with a release date of 15 Feb 2018, and going for $40, US dollars.
  13. I think the only shocker here was, Conor lasted that long. No disrespect, the man is a beast and a great fighter, but stepping into boxing with Mayweather was not going to net him a win. Well, dude did make $75 mil regardless so in the end he still "wins" in my book. I think Mayweather and McGreggor knew it was just a song and dance; build enough hype and "beefs" between the two till the money is too good to be true.
  14. I think it being redone in all 3d will work out just fine. Nintendo 3d remakes have been pretty solid over the years.
  15. Someone write my obituary up please; I'm dead. Now just sitting around waiting for Destiny 2 PC beta to finish dl'ing. I doubt I'll get much playtime, but still looking forward to checking it out.
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