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  1. I thought it was ok as well. My brother is actually happy that they're cutting some of the bs from the manga out of the series, and from what I understand, this season will not be following the manga just yet.
  2. I already knew about the spider when E3 footage hit, but that gif is brand new to me. Where is that from exactly?
  3. ​That's a re-release, so I wouldn't count that for 2014.
  4. ​I was waiting for the dubbed version to be released, and I heard it's out now, so I need to make that something to watch before my shows start back up.
  5. This is one of the best memes I've seen.
  6. I still haven't seen Battle of Gods yet.
  7. I was able to catch up on One Piece today, and damn, I caught up on a cliffhanger smh. Ready for Sunday to come up.
  8. ​Anyone that loves Samurai Champloo, loves Nujabes. RIP.
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