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  1. Yeah, the guy who said he was gonna stop playing cause he couldn't figure out the nemesis clock tower boss is gonna call someone else stupid. He was just pointing out how you like to take shots at everyone and call people stupid, but you stop a stream when you can't fiigure out the most mundane parts of games. Maybe try experimenting a bit in the game instead of having things spoon fed to you? But yeah Phil, keep being toxic and calling people that have different opinions stupid. And to top it off, you really didn't have to say anything. You could have just stayed quiet and said you enjoyed the game, but you feel as if you have to dogpile on sites and people that are having crappy days. You tried it with pro Jared and look where he is now; at least he got his life back together, and he did it all without mentioning DSP or taking a shot back at you when he could have. Look at his FF6 play-through compared to your second run and that's all the proof you need. Maybe practice what you preach about being positive and not toxic; it might work out better for you Phil. oop. Better be carful Moraia. He'll call you a detractor if you try to give him advice or talk to him like that.
  2. Ok... ok... So apparently, DSP needs to raise a lot of money again to pay his tax lawyer, his bankruptcy lawyer, and his back taxes. Why put up a poll for games that people have seen him play 5 times (Dark Souls), or that are so outdated that no one would even care (Mass Effect 2), Or retro games that people won't want to see anyway (mainly because they have save states now, and people like to see DSP rage at games instead of just restarting at certain points.) If he's really that hard up for money, then why not just do a cooking with the king, or a special DSP tries it for a week where he tries different foods every day. (and if he's on the 'healthy kick' then just get something locally. Hell, if he wanted, he could ask some of the local places if they'd sponsor him if he wanted.) Or hell, why not just pick a game from last year he hasn't played, i.e Astral Chain, Code Vein, Octopath Traveler, Cuphead, or maybe just some indy games that didn't get a bunch of mainstream attention. Hell, he could even go back to no man's sky and try out the new updates! That sounds a lot better than playing Mass Effect 2 or dark souls for the 100th time, or a bunch of retro games where you can just make restore points and rewind a million times!
  3. O__O another Ojama card.. :O I haven't ever seen this one before! Yes! 5d's was awesome! (though I prefer rose dragon myself tbh~) I'd love for cards like this to have flavor text too! So many questions
  4. But to that point, there were people who said they agreed to collabe with phil, but he would constantly either put it off or cancel at the last moment. I really don't think phil wants to collab with Brian anymore, (I don't even think he hosts him anymore on twitch) as I remember him saying a while ago that he didn't want to do multiplayer games anymore. I mean heck, he won't even set something up where his fans can play games with him anymore or try to get a party organized. He could have used discord to organize something with his fans that legit wanted to play games with him, but he chooses not to. And if he's concerned about troll, then who really cares? Just have a mod boot them from the game or mute em. Another thing he could have done is just DM'd some gamer youtubers and see if they wanted to collab or do something. He's talked about wanting to be seen in a more positive light and wanting perception of himself to be changed, but he's unwilling to reach across the aisle and talk to someone of have something set up. If that's what he wants, if he just wants to be a single player gamer, then good, but don't constantly blame trolls for ruining collabs. If you don;t want to collab or do co-op, then what's wrong with just saying, "I don't want to do collabe or co-op. I have more fun playing games alone."
  5. .... wait, then what's your favorite tomato monster?
  6. I used to love the ice barriers a lot. They had some interesting artwork (and Brionac was the best dragon ever... til they banned him. Poor guy. )
  7. ...... I-Is that real... that can't be real.... D-does it emerge from it's shell and just fling eggshells it finds lying around? does it fling it's own egg pieces? come on Yugioh Anime! We need to know! Oh this looks cool!! I've never actually seen this blue eyes before :O
  8. Why don't you come up with some sort of back up plan as your pledges and views continue to diminish. Why don't you try to find alternate ways of making money besides streaming games, like a turn key operation or investing in property, ect.?
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