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  1. I’ve pretty much stop participating in these “nomination/voting” threads for this exact reason. There is simply no reason for anyone to care if Phil is just literally going to pick any game he feels like playing.
  2. I haven’t been watching his stuff recently so I guess that could be the case. Either way I really don’t care about his chill streams nor am I interested in watching him rage at some multiplayer game or whatever. I just want to see him play an interesting game. A game that either has obstacles and challenges for Phil to adapt to or a game that provides fun, varied gameplay to watch. Most of the games he’s streaming right now is just dull and repetitive.
  3. His chill streams seems to consistently bring in more money then any other type of stream. So why stress yourself out raging when you can just chill and watch the cash roll in.
  4. This is pretty much what I’m expecting :(
  5. *shrug* good for those people. Better than being so boring and negative minded that you end up thinking that every game is shit.
  6. Its pretty clear that most of you here have never played divinity. Which is unfortunate because the game really is one of the best rpgs out there now. oh well. Hopefully Phil plays the game so that you guys can see what you’re missing out on.
  7. Divinity isn’t rocket science. It just doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to completing quests. He’ll most likely get frustrated with the game at first, but if he enjoys games like fire emblem and Morriwind then I don’t see any Reason why he won’t enjoy Divinity.
  8. The game being boring to watch is just your subjective Opinion. An opinion that is fortunately irrelevant to the result of the voting.
  9. Whatever, dude. Your thoughts and opinions don’t matter to me. I’m just glad that Phil is going to play something interesting for a change.
  10. People who have good taste in games are asking for Divinity.
  11. Hard mode isn’t necessary. Most people who play Divinity on the default difficulty find it very challenging.
  12. If Phil plays Divinity on the default difficult setting then I guarantee you that he’ll die multiple times throughout the game. This game doesn’t hold your hands when it come to combat and quests progression. It wouldn’t surprise me if Phil went to the stream chat constantly for help.
  13. Just google the game, dude. In short, it’s one of the best rpg out there now. Any one who’s a fan of rpg games with a fun and very difficult turn based combat system should play it.
  14. You think every game that isn’t a darksouls clone is boring. So nobody should take your opinions seriously to be quite honest.
  15. I really want Divinity to win. It would be fun to watch Phil play it not only because it’d be a difficult game for him to play, but also it’s basically the best modern Crpg there is right now.
  16. Diddy Kong racing Deus Ex (2000)
  17. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Onimusha Warlords Baldurs Gate 2 Ninja Gaiden Black Skies of Arcadia Star Wars Jedi outcast 2 Star Wars Jedi academy Max Payne 2 kingdom come deliverance
  18. How would people visiting this website generate money for Phil? It's not like he has ads or sponsorships running on here.
  19. Phil has to find a way to fix this fake voting nonsense or else there's no point in having these player's choice events anymore.
  20. It is sort of clownish, but so is wearing a vest and a cowboy hat.
  21. You're crazy. Have you even played Deus Ex?
  22. Deus Ex would make for some very interesting, rage filled playthrough Diddy kong racing and tooie kazooi would be good let's plays too.
  23. I don't know why but I kinda want to see Phil play the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Link evolution Game on PS4/Xbox. Would be pretty Interesting considering that he's never been expose to that type of thing before.
  24. The purpose of this thread is to nominate games to be voted in another separate thread. Phil tallies the nominations, picks the top nominated games and then put them in a poll for people to vote on. That's it.
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