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  1. Nah @Darksphere92 its cool. I hack terrible games all the time. I usually play everything from Wii U and before on PC and if the game is bad or just constant monotony like Persona or Monster Hunter, im breaking it just to beat it and get it off my harddrive.
  2. Ill never understand the hype behind playing Spongebob. It has to be a bunch of trolls or kids, but this is coming from a guy that still plays Pokemon, so whatever..
  3. LOL ok so whats the inside perspective on how following troll accounts is effective in your opinion knowing they are just there to troll vote?
  4. I knew exactly what you was talking about but I didnt care because you had nothing to counter my point. It took either you or your friend to email the dude just to win an argument. That right there is a win for me. Among the other things I was right. Anyways according to your friend we are derailing, so this conversation is over. Talk about suggestions, not on how I won.
  5. You forgot to state the reason why you followed all the troll accounts. If it was obvious these guys are just here to troll vote, they aren't here to say anything worthwhile, yet you still followed them. Kind of counter productive, right?
  6. If its so obvious why did you follow all these troll accounts?
  7. This means nothing other than you should be thanking me. I said from the beginning that TheMightyOnix moved away from DarkSydePhil's content, im not sure his obligations to Phil. It took an email from either you or KGHaleon to get this dude to log in and update the website after 6 months just to win a petty argument. An argument I brought up. That is both sad and enlightening. So thank me for getting both of you so mad that you dedicated yourselves to contact this incompetent administrator to actually do something this year. I dont know TheMightyOnix im sure he is a good guy, but that is
  8. Not that strange if you follow Phil. Majority of Phils fans are either trolls or undercover trolls. The dude Grazydream that donated that Switch Controller has been on record talking shit about Phil and just donates to see him suffer. Its for the entertainment factor.
  9. Somebody owes me money. Im always right lol.
  10. Didnt know that poll was still going on, but I have no doubt Phils fans want him to be miserable with him playing Spongebob.
  11. Whatsup with all these random people joining but they never say anything? I think this forum is being botted and hacked, why and for what reason I have no idea.
  12. One of those Hori Gamepads for the Switch.
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