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  1. mortal shell grabbed by the ghoulies erica (ps4 fmv horror game) only an hour or two long fall guys (dress in halloween colours) dino crisis carrion lisa the painful
  2. the quiet man mortal shell blasphemous salt and sanctuary carrion celeste crypt of the necrodancer
  3. No idea what the reason for still banning Code Vein is, but whatever. Only game I have an interest in seeing right now is Lost Odyssey so that's my vote.
  4. If Deus Ex wins, you should play Deus Ex: Revision on Steam. I personally hope Fire Emblem or Astral Chain win. Both are incredible games.
  5. MGS1 Redemption Run Lost Odyssey Assassins Creed 1 Gears 1 Ultimate Edition Final Fantasy VII Original
  6. Your post is completely invalid based on this quote alone LOL
  7. furi celeste metal gear solid 1 on hard gears of war 1 on insane street fighter 5 bloody trapland
  8. Not sure why you included Bionicle Heroes considering it was very obvious only one person voted for that and created loads of fake accounts to upvote it. I would like KOTOR honestly out of these options. It's a shame Lost Odyssey wasn't included considering it had at least 3 votes from real people who wanted the game.
  9. Lost Odyssey Morrowind Assassin's Creed 1 Gears of War 1 Far Cry 2 All playable on Xbox One FF7 on PS4
  10. I'd just like to know why does Phil pick and choose which games he reviews after not playing all aspects of the game?. He's said before he "can't" review games because he didn't play multiplayer, co-op, optional content etc..(I remember clearly him saying that about Saint's Row IV) But with Dying Light he has no problem doing it?
  11. *Must've clicked 'spoiler' by accident. Apologies.*
  12. I was thinking it should be a fairly hefty donation but not massive. Yes, depending on the game, it may get low-ish views but as it's only one stream a week, and it could become a selling point, I think it should be a consideration.
  13. Two words - Fair Use. If Phil is covered by it so is DipShit.
  14. That's not your fans responsibility to pay for. This is just ridiculous. That's something you should have done a long time ago and have constantly put it off. There's no guarantee you'll even learn it properly. 6 hours isn't even a marathon. That's how much you stream normally anyway and I'm betting these breaks are going to be very long and/or very frequent.. Make it a 12 hour stream with minimal breaks, and I think this could work. Maybe it's hjust me but I don't want to see you play games you dread playing. You won't enjoy them and it'll turn into you forcing yourself to be funny const
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