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  1. Phil I think it’s safe to say Sony and Microsoft have stopped supporting their last gen systems so my question is what was your favorite exclusive on each the ps3 and Xbox 360
  2. Tell me yours mine is Kingdom Hearts 3
  3. Hey guys I'm creating this so when No Mans Sky comes out tell people about your discoveries across the stars
  4. Phil what are your plans for your Dark Souls 3 Playthrough will be the same as 2 or completely different
  5. Phil the PS3 and Xbox 360s lives are coming to an end what were your favorite exclusives on each console
  6. I apologize I just don't want to have links that have viruses
  7. Do not post links in my thread unless a mod approves it
  8. I just wanted to take a moment and wish Phil all the mods and the forum users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year be sure to stay safe. Happy Holidays Ladiesman2166 ;)
  9. Phil I hope u wouldn't mind answering another question for me as we all know the 7th gen consoles are ending and my question was what was your favorite exclusive on the PS3 Xbox 360 and Wii
  10. Phil I'm thinking about getting a handheld console and my question to you is should I get a PSVITA or Nintendo 3DS which is better and has a better library
  11. Well I don't have any mod experience this is where I'd possibly like to learn and yes I was on the previous version of the site
  12. I know but I'm getting the Unchated collection cause I've never played the games
  13. My friends as we all might know the life of the 7th gen consoles (PS3 Xbox 360 Wii) is coming to its end what was your favorite exclusive for all three
  14. Guys I have been hearing that Star Wars Battlefront will not have a story or campaign what r your guys thoughts about this
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