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  1. Chip's Challenge - Available through Steam. It's an older game so I guarantee any modern PC can play it.
  2. Hi Phil, Have you ever been camping or have any interest in it? I remember camping with my family way back in the day in Washington. Your state has some beautiful parks. Do you believe in an after life? What game series do you think was cancelled too early? Example: Many people believe a 3rd entry in the original Star Wars Battlefront series would've been awesome.
  3. Blood - an old 90s pc game I'm sure you could find on steam or GoG. Drac's Night Out - I don't know if you could find this outside an emulator but it's a fun game. Drac wears Reebok Pump sneakers.
  4. What cancelled game were you most disappointed by it's cancellation? Which one would you choose to be completed? What are your thoughts on there being an afterlife?
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