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  1. Squigy
  2. Literally all of you who think that are hypocrites. I hate Pewdiepie, I think his videos are trash, I don't watch them, but if you think he's stupid enough to say stuff like that and actually mean it then you're an idiot. If it were anyone else, whether it was Phil or another favourite Youtuber you have, you would be defending them and insisting that people can't take a joke. The mere fact that the original poster has somehow, some fucking how connected this to Phil with his last sentence, just shows he made this thread just because one person said somehing about another person. I'm surrounded by children.
  3. Don't worry! I fixed that. I would downvote you so hard if that was an option.
  4. Finally! Someone who isn't super serious! But please don't I need that booze to remain sane
  5. O yas do tell me moar
  6. But Biichaz pls dis thread is duh most ets ben active in yeeaaarrrssss
  7. There's no way anyone can get banned for posting random messages on a thread named "Random Thoughts" so you guys clearly need to rethink your logic. I did call some of you idiots though, so mods can warn me for that, but in that case Sateler can also get a warning for calling us retards. Edit: And KG.
  8. I duno Biichey I dun think we hve dun anethin wrong m8
  9. Posts in Random Thoughts thread Complains there are Random messages in the Random Thoughts Thread. You fucking idiot.
  10. m8 mi will will fuk u up, my will has al mi st00f going to a giy namd will
  11. bich pls u think im scured of dat shity lil belt, iv endurd whips m8 solid lether whips yew fkin punk ass lil bich