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  1. Rooster Teeth Podcast Off Topic
  2. 3/10 placement matches done so far in Overwatch season 4. Won all of them so far but i'm just waiting for that loss which will turn into a losing streak. I need to get into diamond if I want to get enough competitive ponts to afford my next golden gun =p
  3. Just don't give them the attention. Whether they want to help Phil improve or are just doing it to troll it's best just to ignore it.
  4. Logan was sooooo good, I want to watch it again. Not a big fan of X-Men but I love Wolverine
  5. Oh you're looking at my profile, I guess that means you either enjoy my anime randomness, or i've directly challenged your stupidity and hypocrisy on a thread and you want to PM me something pointless to try and make yourself feel better. Have fun with that!

    1. BrightSideViking


      This also ends up in the activity feed. hahaha

  6. Literally all of you who think that are hypocrites. I hate Pewdiepie, I think his videos are trash, I don't watch them, but if you think he's stupid enough to say stuff like that and actually mean it then you're an idiot. If it were anyone else, whether it was Phil or another favourite Youtuber you have, you would be defending them and insisting that people can't take a joke. The mere fact that the original poster has somehow, some fucking how connected this to Phil with his last sentence, just shows he made this thread just because one person said somehing about another person. I'm surrounded by children.
  7. Don't worry! I fixed that. I would downvote you so hard if that was an option.
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