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  1. Hey Phil I been a long time viewer since 2010, I love your gameplay content but personally one of my favorite stuff of yours to watch is the stuff you do outside of gameplay. Mainly because I like watching your videos for you but if the game isn't interesting to me or if I don't want it spoiled i end up not watching that playthrough. So my question is would you consider doing more streams that are not gameplay related, stuff where you talk on camera such as ask the king are great but I would appreciate more IRL live streaming stuff to fit in your style. I know you said you didn't wanna do cook
  2. Hey Phil, if you had the choice of switching from being a gamer youtuber/streamer to a completely different genre of youtuber/streamer what would you be if you were making the same amount of money? -Yak Almighty Hey Phil another question, you use to make a lot of lewd jokes when you played video games but not you seem to stay away from stuff like that in your commentary and gameplay, is that from just maturing with age or from getting married or just a bit of both?
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