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  1. Hey Phil, I think you should dress up as pennywise the clown, to scare away all those damn kids that turn up to your streams lol.
  2. Hey Phil I couldn't decide which question to ask you so I have listed three here. 1: Would you consider making a tips goal for a frog aquarium in 20/20? It would be so cool if you did and I'm sure everyone will be mad keen for it. It would be a great way to repay the fans/froggas for all their support. 2: What super hero do you most identify as in terms of attitude, core values and looks? And last but not least, 3: You, wings and Rich are my favourite content creators, it pains me to see you guys don't see eye to eye, but that's your business, enough said. In saying that though would you consider doing a weekly podcast with some of your mods, or even do some more collabs with Brian? That would be so dope dood. Thanks for your time dood.
  3. Hey Phil you should play Frogger
  4. Hey Phil can you please unban me on twitch bro?
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