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  1. I believe Fatal Frame 1 and 2 are on the PS3 store still. Those games are amazing. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is goofy as hell and a From Software classic, you gotta play it.
  2. What was your favorite game to play during college? I know I enjoyed local coop games like Halo/Mario Kart a lot with so many people to play with.
  3. Baba Is You is a pretty challenging sokoban style puzzle game. It's only 15 bucks and has tons of levels. Might be a nice mix up if you're bouncing between other tough action style games.
  4. Phil do you think you should play Fire Emblem Three Houses instead of Wolfenstein Young Blood? The review are out and Young Blood is getting canned pretty hard, while FE is getting showered with praise. Hope you're having a good day!!
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