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  1. Since Phil plays DS like he played MGS it delivers some entertainment, unlike OW or LM3. Rushing through it and not trying to understand how the game works. Doesn't even look at the terrain and tries to plan a good path then he's surprised when he ends up on a cliff. Still can't tell which are story missions (when there's only 2 types of missions) or where to get them. SW Fallen Order seems to have a lot of platforming and puzzles, might be still entertaining to watch then.
  2. Phil said that Kat watches a lets player who does raw content like Phil did, found him if anyone is curious
  3. Someone streamed SW fallen order on youtube, it looked quite boring. Empty dungeon with no enemies. But Phil doesn't play cheap souls clones so it's fine.
  4. Delivering lost cargo to it's destination (not just to a post box) gives you likes, likes rise the level of the facility you deliver it to, higher level usually just gives you cosmetics and interviews, rarely some better equipment. For Phil who only does main story missions and avoids fights it's useless. http://www.powerpyx.com/death-stranding-all-facility-level-rewards-unlocks/
  5. Phil does some strange decisions that drag it out. Like he doesn't need to pick up lost cargo but he picks every one he sees.
  6. You can cut up a video after it was recorded. The effort he puts into crying about content ID can be put into editing the video. I really like how Youtube is a piece of shit for content ID but when people suggested to leave the videos on Twitch he said they also get claimed on Twitch. But somehow he didn't have a problem with this and Twitch wasn't a piece of shit and run by idiots.
  7. Easy trick how to get past the content ID: In the past Phil made 10min videos so if one got content ID it wasn't such a big deal. When a song plays in DS make that part a separate video. From how much Phil cries about content ID in DS it's a big deal to him and Youtube isn't just an archive (this time). It's a better solution than crying for minutes every time a song plays. 2nd option would be recording game and mic audio separately. Mute the music in the game audio and then merge game and mic audio. 3rd option. Just mute game audio on the fly. Then
  8. That comment is from 2015, things change, Phil matured.
  9. It's a jab on "how do I use the rations" from MGS2.
  10. At least Death Stranding is mildly interesting to watch, I can't say that about the other games. The the story and world building are its strongest points. Even the walking is more interesting than Borderlands 3 or Outer Worlds. Phil skips the mission that gives him grenades and teaches him how to use it: how do I use the ratio- grenades?
  11. I wish Phil would shut up about content ID every time a song plays, we got it the first 3 times.
  12. Yes. It's OK so far, nothing great but it's the most entertaining thing since a long time. Since it's linear he can't forever talk to boring NPCs like in Outer Worlds or be forever stuck in one room like in Luigi's Mansion. The cutscenes are cool enough that they are interesting to watch unlike other games where the cutscenes are usually quite boring. But now the real gameplay starts. It has 8h of cutscenes and we already watched 3h. Over 20h of walking will follow. Watching the walking still wasn't so bad, better than the repetitive shooting of Borderlands 3. At least it's cool enough you can
  13. I had the same feeling when playing MGS1.
  14. You mean watch more cutscenes. 40h, 60h when doing all the repetitive radiant quests
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