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  1. the views rise by 100 after the prestream people leave chat because there's nothing to talk about
  2. devs of WWE release the same shit game every year with no effort put into it, looks bad, full of bugs, no improvements current release is the worst ever, it's a downgrade over the last release totally deserve your money for their newest low effort game devs of Lords of the fallen make an OK game with a few bugs improve lots of people love their new games devs should never be trusted, don't deserve a second chance, don't deserve your money
  3. You know what game also had hilarious bugs? Lords of the fallen.
  4. Yeah, all those toxic people who shit on this kind of game, right?
  5. lol if Phil is going to play Breath of Fire for the SNES stream then 20 minutes will be only the intro "cutscene". That's how long he plays these games, he might not even get to the combat.
  6. Does Phil really want to play this? Most of the "game" is just text, it will be just a "text to speech simulator" stream. It also look ugly. Phil likes horror games but this looks terrible. At least it's only 2h long, still seems too long. Why not during downtime replay some cool games (possibly on higher difficulty) he recorded with the camera? Like Dead Space.
  7. If Phil streamed Fortnite right now he could possibly get thousands of views from desperate kids. He could do a random event, as long he has the Fortnite's black screen he can label it as a Fortnite stream.
  8. lol what happened here? the boss has such an easy pattern, he stands up you can't hit him, he crouches down you can hit him lol that attack mashing at the end when he needs just one hit to kill the boss but he's too far away or the boss is standing, still keeps mashing that rant at the end about 90's games difficulty (you can farm items and weapons since chests respawn, missed a treasure room in the castle)
  9. Are you trying to say that Phil is lying about his financial situation? Are you trying to call Phil a scammer?
  10. There are regulars who watch the streams every day and post in chat all the time. The solution could be to make them mods. They probably would be better mods than the ones who directly ask to be mods since they are actually somehow social unlike the mods. The chat regulars are there to have fun while the mods are there to ban people, who do you think would be the better mod...
  11. Wow cool Phil beat Thunder Force 3 save stave, save stave, save stave... Oh...
  12. So the one who donated Goose game wanted to stay anonymous? I wanted to know who gifted it this time. The guy deserves a shoutout.
  13. People who want him to play souls games only want to see him suffer, they are not true fans. This is spot on.
  14. I think he said it would be too much effort. But he could get some good money from it since people liked it.
  15. Are we getting it or not? No Code Vein even if donated. He figured us out. He knows everyone wants to see him suffer (at hard games). People normally don't ask him to play certain games but when everyone wants to see him play a game that means only one thing, they want to see him suffer. No suffering for you dickheads. Real fans and supporters don't ask for such things. "a game that plays itself IS NOT A GAME." But those are some of his favorite games. Story heavy with lots of cutscenes, holding forward, long walking sequences... He shouldn't pretend he wouldn't like an AI assistant that would predict dodges and other inputs in souls games. He wouldn't like an assistant that would stop his suffering? Remember Ludwig?
  16. I think he needs an exercise bike, oh wait...
  17. Here's a useful tip for Phil so he doesn't need to walk back and forth for an hour to get water.
  18. @DJRuno Damn, I was excited for the game. It would be something different from the usual stuff. This is why you buy store credit or a game code. This whole drama wouldn't happen if Phil just didn't say that he spent the $20 or said he would buy it anyway. He had 3 days in which he would get the money back. How did Phil not see that the thread was made by a troll? (lol that edited thread title)
  19. Well, big ups DJRuno. Didn't expect Phil would want to play this. I like these rants but maybe Phil should rethink his stance
  20. Phil before: I liked Code Vein, I would be interested in playing it but people didn't like it Everyone tells him to play it. Phil now: I'm not interested in playing it...
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