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  1. Well, at 3:35 he says people are mashing. The reason I asked is that people told Phil during prestream that the person he played against in SF2 was evilaj and Phil said he doesn't want to play against him because he mashes buttons. It looked like he legit believed it. Or the rants he had during prestreams about CTR. It looked like he legit believed that the game was shit and not that he played it wrong. So does Phil finally admit the complains about fromsoft camera and getting pinned against walls are caused by his own faults?
  2. I was wondering. Is it also a schtick to accuse everyone of button mashing who beats Phil in fighting games? Or call people scrubs for using fatal blow in MK11 then him using it when he can't win legit?
  3. Phil is seriously considering not to play Borderlands 3 because he would have to play it solo. I don't know what to say.
  4. Dude those chatlogs are just sad. Everyone knows how unbelievably toxic the chat mods are. Why do you think they wanted to be mods in the first place?
  5. WOW is for obvious reasons, watch his old playthrough. Morrowind, since he isn't going to rage anyway people just vote for a game they want to see him play. This way they can get at least something from the event. The choice is a boring hard game like SMM2 or something they actually want to see.
  6. Just like with any other game he played for the event. Or suggested himself that people should nominate. Since the event is such a weak idea and he never rages people vote games that piss him off if they are nominated. That's the only rage they get from it. If he at least tried to do fake rage for fun. Like I said before if the event was about playing games on hard, without the pretense of rage, then it would be fine.
  7. Seriously? So much positivity, maintaining that positive vibe. Remember when Drunken Peasants invited Phil to a podcast? They turned out to be detractors. Unbanning Rumpel should be a running meme. I hope Phil builds him that prison over a waterfall.
  8. Where did this revelation suddenly came from? You know what would be nice, if Phil actually tried to improve. As a person and as a streamer and lets player.
  9. To be honest watching Morrowind would be much more interesting than those boring super hard platformers. The only thing those induce is sleep and dead air. Phil should watch his videos and he would see why no one wants them.
  10. It would be a cool gesture from Phil if he put up a sign in Minecraft dedicated to Planetjeff's contributions, like he did for MrPapavera.
  11. lol Phil just complained on stream why people didn't nominate Super Mario Maker 2 Here's a hint: because it's sleep inducing and no one wants to willingly see it Watch the same thing 100 times over, so much fun to watch, right?
  12. If Phil could understand that you won't play Gibraltar the same way you play Lifeline he wouldn't need to shit on Apex solo so much. For example with Gibraltar you would hide in buildings and fight close range, with Lifeline you would snipe and keep distance.
  13. Phil should know himself the best he won't rage for the event. Just look at the videos of games he suggested himself: Super Meat Boy, I Wanna Be The Guy, SMM2. If he has to play games that require strong concentration it's going to be hours of dead air. It's not even funny to watch him fail in some ugly indie game or a 2D platformer. People ask him to play games on hard and he always refuses, the event could be made around that. It's something that would please the viewers, it's a no-brainer. An event where he plays games he normally refuses to but people want to see them (Bloodstained, FE, Apex) would be a really great idea too.
  14. Minecraft Ender Dragon boss would be a great thing for the event. Just going into the Nether is already rage inducing.
  15. Judging from Phil's reactions to Anthem, Fire Emblem, Bloodstained, Apex solo-mode those games seem to be quite rage inducing to Phil. Too bad Apex didn't make it even though it induces rage when someone asks him to play it. He always gets into a long rant why solo mode is shit because he said so. Apex solo seems like it would be a perfect game for this event. There's always some hidden rules for nominations. If you try to nominate interesting games they still won't get picked. The best thing is to nominate anything you want to see him play and wait if some of it passes the hidden rules.
  16. The event should be about playing popular games on hard and generally agreed hard games. How many times people asked to play a game on hard... The pretense of having to rage at the games should be dropped. Fixed. Then no one needs to complain if the games cause fake rage or not. It would just be hard games, people like watching those in general, rage or not. Also Phil should add his own picks. He should know the best what he wants to play.
  17. No one wants to see fake rage. It's better for people to nominate games they want to see him play than some stupid indie game no one wants to see. If he knows better games then he should put them on the poll. His suggestions were: Super Meat Boy, I Wanna Be The Guy, SMM2. People didn't suggest them because no one wants to see that boring stuff. A number of suggestions got ignored, see https://thekingofhate.com/forums/topic/4879-august-2019-rage-a-thon-nominations-thread/ He's the one who's putting up the final poll, don't blame the fans for everything. CTR on hard? NO Doom on hard? NO Level1 or speedrun of DS/BB? NO Bloodstained? NO FNAF2? NO MGS on hard? NO Only around 40 people posted suggestions but around 500 people watch him. Don't blame the people who suggested something, blame the 90% of viewers who don't care. Though the main problem is that the idea of a (fake)rageathon, "suggest games that make me rage", is stupid. With such dumb premise it's not going to work.
  18. I liked the Jasper fanart. Can you bring it back with using the original picture? https://thekingofhate.com/forums/topic/4597-blue-eyes-fan-art-thread-/?do=findComment&comment=114653
  19. As I recall these planned rage events never worked. What produces the real salt are normal playthroughs of games that become very hard when you try to bruteforce them. Like CTR, MGS, Dark Souls, Sekiro, Bloodborne. Phil makes them way too harder than they are because of his play style. If put Morrowind on the list why not Bloodstained too? If they are trolls then why did Nightbot say to vote for Morrowind?
  20. But why was Nightbot shilling Morrowind?
  21. @TediousTatum For someone who refuses to watch ads to support a streamer you sure love kissing Ninja's ass.
  22. Lets not forget Ninja reports people for stream sniping if they kill him in Fortnite. They didn't recommend anything, it was a troll streaming porn with a Fortnite tag. It's their platform and they made him popular by recommending his channel. THAT gives Twitch the right to promote other people's channel. They can promote who they want.
  23. Sounds to me like Ninja is a piece of shit. Sounds like the real issue is that he doesn't want others to get exposure.
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