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  1. Mortal Kombat 11 multiplayer online Superman 64 ... use an emulator. ezpz Wutang vs Shaolin 2 ... Homegrown fighter with movie martial artists (characters played by Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Van Damme, etc.) Like $13 on steam right now. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1217050/Shaolin_vs_Wutang_2/ Cursed Castilla EX ... Super Ghouls n Ghosts like game. Unlimited Continues, not as hard as the GnG series IMO. $5 on steam https://steamcommunity.com/app/534290 Pure Chess ... This suggestion made sounds really cool.
  2. @MoraMoria that's very helpful actually, thanks!
  3. lol the second pic. how did that get there?? anyway, let's call it a superhero. like DarksydeMan also i'm thinking about making a "comic" about dsp, very basic shit. it would help if anyone knew a good source of free stock images.
  4. dspKaren (2020, or 2024 more realistically, and actually dspHillary). anyway....
  5. You as the KEKW guy because we don't have one of you laughing yet. Just Google: KEKW to see what I'm talking about. I understand if you dont want to use it, but it's a pretty popular thing where a lot of other streamers had their own laugh faces turned into a KEKW emote. KEKW and Sadge are 2019/2020 emote institutions on twitch now. Some of my favorites too.
  6. Nice dude @Phil I have an alternate if you'd prefer it for the pre-stream. I fixed the typo and I removed the pun about scares to accommodate some background art to fill in the negative space. The dspKaren emote was just for laughs anyway. I'm thinking about working on more digital photo screenarts like this since that seems to be more my speed. I've got the time on my hands to do it right now, too.
  7. dspKaren (or dsp as Hillary Clinton). 2024 presidential hopeful? Or perhaps at least good enough for Halloween emote. Also a background for October. If there's any problem with the wording let me know, I'll change it. I'm including a .RAR of the original emote images (larger size) in case anyone like MoraMoria feels they can make 'em a bit more viable for emotes. For me it was hard trying to preserve detail and make the crops just right so you got enough detail to tell what it is in 28 or 56 pixel view. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qgi2tV86j5
  8. Another for Halloween. Also if anyone has ideas, please let me know (source images included if you have any you want me to use). I'll stream myself making them. Can be a little long since I try to do it as well as I can... especially w/ freeware like Paint.net and some really dormant knowledge of photoshop photo editing.
  9. Sekiro NG+/2nd Run (MUST give back kuro's charm / turn on demon bell!) Batman Arkham City Combat Challenges MK11 Online Muiltplayer Superman 64 Mortal Shell
  10. Derich posted this one but he fucked it up. Here is the proper video with the right timestamp 25:55 about to 27:40 I guess. I definitely second this one even tho it's just quickie LOL
  11. Runs until about 55:00 (starts at 19:05 if the link doesn't work proper with time index). Roughly 36 minutes might be a bit much though. Here's a shorter one Runs from 38:10 to 49:00 a bit more manageable length.
  12. Killing Floor 2 (make sure to get the YULETIDE HORROR update this year if it's out in time, otherwise CHRISTMAS HORROR dlc/update from 2018 for the Holiday theme!) SF5 (Street Fighter 5 ONLINE PLAY)
  13. I think i still have a couple groo comics in my attic. it's been years since i looked though. I know one of them, for a fact, is a #3 because i just checked the covers @ http://www.coverbrowser.com/covers/groo-the-wanderer/
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