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  1. ALMOST FORGOT THIS. too bad it's edited. Is there an unedited version, if so, PLEASE INCLUDE IT! lmfao @ "grease up dat banana boat!"
  2. wanted to add the end of DEADPOOL playthrough. I actually got my ass kicked first time by the 3 sub-bosses attacking me all at once but you kicked their asses first attempt in less than a minute. Anyway, good stuff! love this playthru. i'd nominate the whole thing if I could because of the hilarious commentary.
  3. Okay, and? Trying to suggest no one else should nominate it? Doesn't it have a better chance to make it to the retrospective the more people nominate it?
  4. There are all relatively short. Most are under 5 minutes each. Hope you guys upvote some of these! DSP SHOWER TIME FUN! PIZZA FUN (I live in the West Burbs of Chicago, it's funny cause you almost pass for native Chicago accent below)! And of course SUPER SALTY Street Fighter moments!
  5. lmao Superman 64! these are good choices btw. also wanted to add: Bloodborne Ninja Gaiden Black
  6. Street Fighter V SF3 3rd Strike (SF 30th Anniversary) CTR with an advanced difficulty (low handling) character Super Ghosts n Goblins
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