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  1. Peter Jackson's King Kong (Xbox 360 game is compatible with the Xbox One) Yup, voting for the game again.
  2. Peter Jackson's King Kong. The 360 version is now compatible with the Xbox one. Please, let this be nominated.
  3. This is a game that I'm very interested in seeing Phil playing. I find King Kong to be one of the best movie license games out there; on par with games such as Spiderman 2, so I'm sure he would very much enjoy it. I also would consider this to be a "chill stream" type of game since there are many intervals in the game to where Phil could just take a casual breather and look at his chat half of the time to answer questions; accompanied with the story being very linear and straightforward, so he doesn't have to pay attention to it that much. The game is backwards compatible with the Xbox One, so there's that as well. If anybody reads this, it would be great to spread the recommendation for this game.
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