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  1. Street Fighter V Papa Philly Cheese Cakes
  2. I’m just an OG who didn’t know shit about the internet video game community. Stumbled into DSP and his lore. Now I’m a fan and I usually just watch him play video games on my downtime. I’m a Knicks, Barca and Yankees fan.
  3. AFC playoffs prediction with seeding: 1. NE 2. PITT 3. KC 4. INDY 5 NYJ 6. LAC NFC: 1. NO 2. GB 3. LAR 4. PHI 5. MINN 6. CAR
  4. The mobility of The Switch is obviously is number one draw. IMO it makes sense for either Sony or Microsoft to have an “on the go”element. Could a Switch like feature be a determining factor in Xbox v Ps war?
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