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  1. Looking at the staff and 75% of them haven't been here for years it seems. Everybody left. This forum says it has 8000+ members, how did it go down to 7 in 4 years time? Most of the post aren't even related to anything Phil related. That's really a question I want you to ask yourselves. I already know why.
  2. I see why they call you "BabyMan". I spoke my peace. If you're that jealous over some guy playing a video games then maybe you need to reprioritize your life. Just some advice.
  3. Ninja busted his ass for 8 years just to get where he is at. I wouldnt call Ninja a "piece of shit" just because the site is butt-hurt over Ninja switching over to Mixer in light of Twitch's obvious flaws. Twitch knew what they were doing. The CEO even said that Twitch was running an experiment that only applied to Ninja's old/dead channel to recommend other streamers that play similar games. Thats crazy salty. Imagine you're a kid and heard of Ninja, you're not into the politics you just want to watch Ninja and heard he was on Twitch. Search for Ninja and find a porn stream as the #1 recommended stream to watch in place of him. Twitch is wrong. Reporting stream snipers over a steaming site backed by a multi-billion dollar company trying to tarnish Ninja's name on purpose? Doesn't weigh out. It shouldn't be possible in the first place. Dead channels are usually dead on Twitch, the fact that Ninja's channel was the only channel with this feature shows Twitch was trying to do some scumbaggery over being butthurt because their biggest streamer said "Fuck you, you're too toxic Twitch. Im outta here." Without the content Twitch isn't shit. They didn't make him popular. Nobody even used Twitch much when Ninja started streaming. If anything Ninja made Twitch mainstream when he had all these celebrities playing on their platform. I don't care for Ninja too much but many people like you seem to hate him just because he became a multimillionaire via video games, entertainment, generosity, love for his work and especially his fans. Maybe you could be a Ninja someday if you drop the jealousy and attitude.
  4. Nah. Youtubers and streamers make enough. I will support by just watching them. If they have any merch or extra good content fore sale I'll buy that. I will never waste my time purposely watching ads just to support a Youtuber r streamer.
  5. Everyone knows, Twitch has gone too shit. There are rampant Twitch Thots freely selling sex. Favoritism to certain streamers because they either make money or are pretty. Obvious breakage of ToS without any repercussions to the streamer. Much has run amok and people are getting tired of it. So tired in fact, Ninja is off the platform and signed with Mixer due to its increasing toxicity with another large streamer, DrDisrespect, thinking of joining him. Now Twitch has taken an even worse turn. Pettiness. Searching "Ninja" in Twitch gives a "recommended" list of streamers for Fortnite, a feature not seen on any other Twitch account. Not only that, recently the top search query was butt-naked full on porn. So Ninja took action: Since this post, Twitch has fixed the problem even though it was going on for days. This did nothing towards the backlash. Now trending is #TwitchOverParty, with all the big players in the streaming world calling for a fix. Either equally enforce the rules with everybody, or end Twitch. Are you joing the party?
  6. TediousTatum


    ..what? No correlation for a contradiction to be had there. Sorry. Okay then.
  7. TediousTatum


    Big whoop. This the most excitement this forum received in months. For somebody that doesn't watch or support Phil, you sure comment about troll stuff quickly. Why not make a Twitter or KiwiFarms account? Its proven you loiter those places anonymously all the time anyway. Why? There are only 6 of you that just talk to each other. A 3rd of the members here are moderators. If the younger or any members are that bothered by a fake porn picture of Phil that shows nothing, then maybe they should stop watching him since there is a real masterbation video of him globally known across the internet.
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