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  1. i stopped watching because its constantly about money....the minecraft streams became almost entirely about who gave the most money....mentioning it every 10 minutes,,,standing in the same spot for minutes at a time while he adds up his dollars and nothing in game gets done ..no more exploring dungeons or anything ...hour and a half long prestreams ,,,events about whoever donates the most naming a Halloween decoration ..i cant watch anymore
  2. im still a bit disappointed that he did an executive decision and refused to play UFC online or mario tennis aces online...those games made him incredibly mad when he played those and the rage a thon entire point is to make Phil play games he doesn't want to play . i saw him saying on one of those late night prestreams that he doesn't upload that people who voted for those games are idiots who dont understand the criteria for what would make good rage a thon but there is very little information about what he actually means and what games are acceptable ...the only criteria he specified on the nominations thread was it has to be readily available to purchase digitally mario tennis and UFC were games he already owned so he really needs to make it clear next time he does a rage athon and have a list of games he would refuse to accept so people dont end up wasting their time
  3. i think he should explain the criteria much more clearly next time...perhaps a list of games not eligible
  4. UFC online fights had 4 nominations and its a game he owns ..what happened to it?
  5. smash bro's 1v1 only matches seem to make him rage
  6. they only do that when something threatens the king
  7. Mario Tennis online matches UFC online matches Fortnite Street fighter V Fire emblem 3 houses F zero GX
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