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  1. Yeah I'm a little surprised that it didn't make it. I will say it's probably not as good as the first one, but since it's not happening I'm expecting NMH3 to be skipped for sure.
  2. No More Heroes 2 Shadow Warrior (2013) DBZ Budokai 3 Ninja Gaiden Black (Sigma) Twisted Metal Black
  3. For the sake of logistics I want to remove Danganronpa V3 from my nomination so Ultra Despair Girls can get a look. It fits the marathon better than V3.
  4. He said he wouldn't play it until he beats Fire Emblem and he's gonna beat Fire Emblem like this week or next week
  5. Danganronpa V3 Twisted Metal Black Danganronpa Another Episode Ninja Gaiden Black Dino Crisis Shadow Warrior (2013)
  6. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 (On the Budokai HD Collection on PS3) Danganronpa V3 XCOM 2
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