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  1. Saw some kid riding in a shopping cart drop his Switch on the ground and shatter into a million pieces. You would think a handheld for kids would be durable enough to survive a 3ft drop.
  2. Just type "Donation" as the subject of the email and I guarantee they will always be read and never end up in the spam folder.
  3. Looks like they've made this game a dozen times already.
  4. Unfortunately, nothing will come of this.
  5. Imagine having a fanbase that only support you just to piss you off.
  6. Ignore "Legendary Eagle Master Supreme Commander First Class" KGHaleon, not sure why he's even here because he doesnt even watch DarksydePhil anymore. The mods are just low grade trolls that secretly hate Phil but love the "power" to moderate. I got timed out for telling the mods to stop spamming emotes, then after 600 seconds I told him to go fuck himself. Banned ever since and I could care less. Looking at the chat nowadays and im not missing much but toxic shit.
  7. *accuses others of derailing while contributing nothing related to the topic himself; showing signs of being mad over the internet.* Anyways. I have lost hope in this rage-a-thon. I think im going to just rewatch some old playthroughs instead like Furi. No random shoutouts in a Youtube video, plus you can actually still comment in old videos.
  8. *says they dont care about my opinion as he/she quotes and comments on my opinion, showing they do care.* Anyways, Phil just shot holes in this rage-a-thon boat. He admitted tonight that most of his rage is fake.
  9. Tl:dr, but I see why you're mad at my age comment. kthxbye. I agree Furi should be up there. Yeah but I feel Phil would just pull out one of his "executive decision" excuses and refuse to play it for some reason.
  10. I been said lets stay on topic. *gets mad at someone talking about Nintendo in an unrelated thread, then starts talking about Nintendo.* *Says they don't care but cared to comment and even noticed one letter out of a word to be wrong. Even fixed it for me.* Now can we get back on topic and the adult children suffering from arrested development get over it? I don't like your video game console company, why do you care so much? If you loved Nintendo so much you wouldn't give 2 fucks about what I say, but apparently you do because you have no more games to play since Nintendo releases only 2 good kiddy games a year. 100% agree.
  11. Wait, some other people criticised a video game company and not only you remember there names but you think im part of a troll movement or something. Haha. Grow up. And take your crap to the random thread. You should go make an account in the Nintendo Forums while you're at it. I don't even think they ask if you are over 13 years old to sign up.
  12. Damn. Phil has changed greatly over the years! bKmG9a-0xh2_mWhJ.mp4 bKmG9a-0xh2_mWhJ.mp4
  13. Watching the stream yesterday with Phil running into an in-game bathroom just to answer non-stop bait questions, im convienced most of Phil's fanbase are trolls. The moderators are either 4D-trolling or a demod away from being trolls. All the shouout questions are designed to cause long-winded rants. Its all so very clear. Look at some of these game choices, anybody with a brain knows these are some idiotic choices for rage. What I dont get is, trolls purposely choose games for Phil that will be boring so he'll lose money, then troll cheer & donate to trigger him into rants? Excuse my language, but thats fucking retarded.
  14. This isnt the place to discuss how insecure you are about owning a Nintendo as a grown adult, man. This tread is about the rage-a-thon.
  15. If you think so. Time to get back on the thread topic. If anything is faked, then that content doesn't deserve to be monitized. The fans should decide what they want to watch because at the end, they are paying for everything.
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