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  1. Marrowind was Phils own choice, His Nightbot was saying Vote for Marrowind a week before the polls where even started. And still says it now. Funny how NightBot doesnt say vote for game you want, since this is a fans decision. Rigged polls no matter what game we choose sadly, Phils gonna play what he wants to play. Just like how he changed CTR to time trials only even though us fans wanted Online play. KOTOR isnt even a raging game, its quite fun actually so why is it on this list in the first place? Gears is the only game gonna be played on Hardest difficulty so Ninja Gaiden is obviously gonna be played on the easy difficulty so why vote for that game. This list sucks and i saw way better rage in duce games being asked to play more than most on this list in the other thread. This isnt a rage a thon now its gonna be a boring a thon. Vote Street fighter cause atleast its online and when Phill loses he'll rage like he always does in any fighting game.
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