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  1. Faith 1 and 2, they are pc only but very good horror games with christian themes.
  2. Mods should ban that Darksydephil guy, he´s very toxic
  3. I would only watch 24 hours of ColdPlay, if you know what I mean. I love beta pop music.
  4. We all know the game we want. And why Phil blocked me on twitter when every of my tweets about him were positive? That´s really fucked up, man.
  5. Anyone plays Megaman Maker? I made some sweet levels there. I have a lot of free time now.
  6. He needs all the money he can get. Patreon, subs, tips, everything helps to pay those unknown bills.
  7. Just now? And I prefer the term lolicon btw
  8. Not enough, dood. I really miss partying with Bill though.
  9. I came here to get some salt for my margaritas. Not dead yet, enjoying the life in the island.
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