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  1. Except for when he watches him during his retrospective
  2. The prestream is where you get all the gold dust from Phil honestly
  3. Thats because you guys need to talk to Phil, ask him questions, He's the streamer, its the audience job to keep him active
  4. Come on dood, trolls night mess with him and he can't be spending $8 on a video that will only make him pennies
  5. When is Phil gonna realize that him and Wings crossover is what we deserve
  6. Too many trolls will mess with him dood
  7. Since Phils got Game Pass for Xbox, it'd be cool to see him play Saints Row 3 again, since its on there for free and he wont have to break the bank
  8. Easily the best anime is King of the Hill, followed by Corey in the House
  9. How does one convey a tone on the internet lol
  10. I'd rather Liv Morgan sit on my face
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