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  1. It was funny when that detractor song came on, sometimes I listen to liquid richard and I think phil should play his tunes.
  2. Well, on numerous occasions he has said viewers need to step up and support. I think he very much thinks he deserves money for doing very little.
  3. He's been in this mindset that nothing is ever his fault, he did nothing wrong, everything screwed him over, that he doesn't realize he is the cause of most of his problems. He's burnt several bridges, used the moniker "king of hate" to be genuinely toxic and hateful to many people and is insistent that his viewers owe him money because he plays video games and uploads the videos online. I feel if he did a deep introspection, he would come to realize that he needs to change to fix all his monetary, social and physical issues. Do you think one day he might do this and change for the better?
  4. I kind of love how creepy and low effort so many of these are, especially the photoshopped ones.
  5. Just for his own peace of mind. He's constantly talking about how he's in the worst situation of his life and he has a lot of expenses and things to pay, but when anyone asks him to elaborate he says it's none of their business, as if he hadn't been trying to make it the audience's business by constantly involving them. It would also make for a better stream. Nowadays I just leave whenever he gets on the subject of money.
  6. When he's talking about after stream, he says how he has to clean the dishes, put them away etc like it's such a monumental task. I think it's a bit fascinating how he can take everyday activities and make them seem so greatly difficult.
  7. I think Phil's sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are just cycles that feed into each other, compounded by his lack of commitment to being healthy. He needs to make big changes to his self imposed schedule if he wants to improve anything.
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