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  1. I would say Fire Emblem was winning with Deus Ex in second before the alleged cheating. If he wants to be fair he should play Fire Emblem but I think we all know Phil will never play Fire Emblem. Deus Ex won't be played because it's PC only. I honestly don't know why Phil puts games he knows he won't play on these polls.
  2. Puggy


    True, but it would be far easier to implement rules if he didn't put himself above them. If he doesn't want people talking about the pandemic he shouldn't talk about it either.
  3. It's pretty clear he's already decided to play Diddy Kong Racing. Why else would he be asking what it's available on?
  4. It doesn't though. Phase two of the clocktower boss still requires you to knock it off the wall and the clocktower to beat it even on Easy and Normal difficulties. The only difference between difficulty settings is how much health enemies have and how much damage they do. When I played it I figured out right away that I needed to knock it down just by the fact it was running on the walls and when he goes on top of the clock tower Jill says "You're about to take a nasty fall." which, in my opinion, is enough to figure what you're supposed to do. Also, your clue that you needed the mine rounds at all was the fact that you got them directly before that fight. It seems to me your major complaint was that RE3 tried to be more clever in it's hints than just having Jill say "I gotta knock it off the walls!". It was though. For phase one of the clocktower boss you just shoot it, it's not until it hits phase two that it starts running on the walls. The acid pit boss and the clocktower boss are pretty much the same fight now that I think about it. Just instead of a mine round you're shooting panels to electrify it and knock it down.
  5. Then Phil should get involved in the conversations that are happening in the chat instead of demanding people talk about something else. I think Phil has social issues. He doesn't really know how to talk to people, he mostly talks at people. What I mean by that is he'll say things and respond to things in chat, tips, and cheers but he's not really making conversation.
  6. Let's be real though, Phil'd probably gonna override the poll like always and play what he wants to play. I'm gonna guess Deus Ex, but he'll complain because no one told him the first Deus Ex is only available on PC and PS2.
  7. They really don't though
  8. LISA: The Painful is a great game he should just play it regardless. That said, I do think Phil won't really get it if he does play it. It'll go over his head in a lot of ways.
  9. I fail to see the problem with any of these
  10. You really don't want Phil to play LISA do you?
  11. Basically, don't ask Phil for things that might be a minor inconvenience. That seems about right.
  12. Phil should just stop doing Viewer's Choice, honestly. More often than not he doesn't play what wins the poll anyway. People have been begging him for Code Vein since it came out, he should've made that the sub goal.
  13. From what I can gather, the point was supposed to be a "this is what Phil could've been" kind of thing. I dunno for sure though.
  14. I'm playing RE3 Remake myself. It's not a puzzle boss. "Knock it down then hit it until it's dead" is not a puzzle. Also, no, it is no way the chat's job to tell Phil how to beat a boss, he just needs to stop being impatient and learn brute forcing his way through things doesn't always work.
  15. This is how he's decided to play the game. He doesn't want to put in any effort or thought, just be told exactly what to do, what buy, where to go, and how to build his character. You're either gonna have to get used to it or stop watching. I didn't watch the big marathon where he tried out Morrowind the first time but I assume it was too much for him. Too many choices, too complex, no quest markers or handholdy guidance like in Skyrim.
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