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  1. will you get jasper a friend? another cat or something else?
  2. not really as like i said there wasnt anyone doing it
  3. This should of been your first reply okay then
  4. what do you mean what is this i think its pretty obvious Hard for moderators to do what they are supposed toi do if they are away isnt it? i would of thought it would be
  5. so im afraid i dont know american time but these are people i caught just before the brake that started at 10pm GMT bananaroma8366 -detractor stuff burplover420 (1 month sub-100 bits) - bait and detractor quotes radomguy253 -detractor stuff sackthejack-detractor stuff iamtheburntoyourell-Just trash typeing meme stuff 1 word at a time jamel100: "Hellooo from the begginnng siiddeee""Big ups wendy's chili" JCL_50 -wings meems resonably toxic
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