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  1. evilibrium

    Wrongful Ban

    Chat logs are recorded on overrustlelogs.net so feel free to check my chat logs. Regarding your dedicated event statement, I did not make that differentiation if it was for a gaming convention or dedicated meetup. It was just a general statement I recalled him saying in my response to xtyestar_ . If you want to ban me for other reasons that's perfectly fine. People in the chat have said much worse things and have not been reprimanded or banned.
  2. evilibrium

    Wrongful Ban

    So last night I was banned for saying "Phil has said in the past that he doesnt want to meet fans because trolls might derail the meet up". Phil then proceeds to call me an asshole and tells me to fuck myself. I attached a screenshot. However, there is this clip where Phil basically says what I said. If you want to ban me for another reason, say otherwise. This ban had no justifiable principle, I was just simply paraphrasing what you said.
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