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  1. Nearly 300 days he hit the goal. If thats a failure I don't know what to tell ya.
  2. I'm amazed how popular the vest streak became. Its such a low cost but novelty way to bring in money and I even contributed myself. Say what you want about DSP not moving out of his comfort zone but the vest streak proves you wrong!
  3. 14 million people may have seen that tweet! Lol Massive fail as about .00000000001111% liked it.
  4. In all fairness with his crazy detractors dossing him and trying to ruin his streams it makes sense why he wouldn't.
  5. How was it different from Phil's other playthroughs then? You don't think he has fun or what?
  6. That's true, it's likely the same guy on his sock accounts voting it up.
  7. Thats true, you've been here longer than Phil himself. Or maybe you're just not controversial enough to be noticed by @Phil
  8. Some people are really desperate to get regulars on here banned aren't they? I think its obvious their motives. Floydy and others love to act all cynical when confronted with the accusation they're detractors. Pretty obvious in all fairness.
  9. Most likely a troll imitating him, shame on you for believing it.
  10. The fraudulent claimer should have to pay for the hours of business lost.
  11. Twitch need to IP ban this idiot who keeps making fraudulent claims. That shit ain't right.
  12. WorthIts

    That Site

    Isn't doxxing legal though? As loads from that site have done it. Surely it's just info you have posted yourself. btw not saying that its right.
  13. He deserves more after this week in all fairness.
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