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  1. So I started a new role a month ago which I hate and because of this corinavirus business, I get to work from home, which I mean very bloody loosely might I add. Mostly consisting of having a few beers with Dsp In the background while I send a few emails. What are you guys doing to occupy yourself during these dark days?
  2. They released Warzone but you can't play solo? In all fairness that has to be the stupidest idea I've heard of since the square wheel.
  3. People say he's dying yet still has more than AngryJoe!!
  4. This is a two year old post but I notuce so many more Phil fans around here then. What happened to them?
  5. I'm not sure what he does now *isn't* a job. So in all fairness streaming is one.
  6. I think we need new admins here to sort out this kind of mess. My thread got deleted because of this.
  7. If I'm not mistaken DSP did something a little different by creating the Lets Play era.
  8. WorthIts

    WWE Champion Clan

    I've played a little, it's OK. I'm a huge fan of Seth.
  9. Hey. I posted a topic the other day and suddenly now the forum tells me I don't have permission to see it? Anyone tell me what happened?
  10. Well done for twisting Phils post way out of context to suit your agenda.
  11. He's not declared he's bankrupt yet to the authorities yet, has he?
  12. What would the trolls do without this forum. I'd say its money well spent.
  13. Did he really say that? Haha
  14. I get that, I totally get why he doesn't like Cyperpunk. There is x-ray vision in the game as well which is totally immersion breaking as well as some gun which can shoot round corners. So I'm with Darksyde on this one!
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