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  1. Do you believe Howard Stern is racist as well? He said the first four letters of negative and yall call him out. Yall wrong.
  2. He said the first four letters of "negative", but yeah lets call him racist, he should be banned etc...
  3. Just saw the ban tonight and just wondered how much money Twitch have costed Dsp for false abuse complaints. If you are affecting someones revenue like that surely there should be some compensation for the downtime? He clearly uses Twitch services as a point of revenue and they are falsely affecting it. Every time DSP has to leave the stream where people would usually be tipping and cheering.
  4. Phil is such a bad guy for wanting to be paid right?
  5. So much hypocrisy on that site its difficult to read. To think they are accusing Phil of trafficking his fans to take actions this week as well.
  6. If you're in a relationship you wouldn't do the quests either, unless you're very unhappy IRL.
  7. The point is they terminated the partnership without informing him why.
  8. Kiwifarms doxxed loads of people on this forum because of some Nordic gamers actions. Hardly nothing. Twitch should be open and honest snf honour their client here. If they're terminating this mans partner program and destroying his livelihood they need to give an explanation. I've seen companies sue others if you're taking away their revenue and leaving them in trouble. Not a good look. This.
  9. You mean the hundreds of videos on YT bullying DSP? The forum Kiwifarms harassing and doxxing DSP? Amongst other things. DSP has the worst haters of any streamer ever kid.
  10. Yeah no way should he lose his partner program because of this. Twitch are just being unreasonable pricks.
  11. Wow that's shitty how can they just do that and in a moments notice people get strikes? I'm never playing any of their shitty games.
  12. Why does everyone keep gobbing off about this WWE Champions thing, it's kinda getting annoying. As if a mobile game is the thing that defines a person. It's depressing so few things get discussed here because of this, some viewers would put this forum to good use.
  13. Anyone know what the music was back in the old days of The Hateful Truth? Was a hard rock track. See above
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