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  1. He's not declared he's bankrupt yet to the authorities yet, has he?
  2. What would the trolls do without this forum. I'd say its money well spent.
  3. Did he really say that? Haha
  4. I get that, I totally get why he doesn't like Cyperpunk. There is x-ray vision in the game as well which is totally immersion breaking as well as some gun which can shoot round corners. So I'm with Darksyde on this one!
  5. Im not a fan of the jappy games in fairness.
  6. I got laid off from my job a year today. Its hard to find work in 2019. Using benefit system as theres no jobs which is kinda ridiculous. DSP is going strong.
  7. That game is so old and clunky, wish they'd remaster it.
  8. He has a crazy amount of people harassing the tweets on Twitter, just noticed this yesterday.
  9. Fuck that game looks infuriating!
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