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  1. Resident Evil Code Veronica Spec Ops: The Line Parasite Eve 2 Dino Crisis 2
  2. Vanquish Night Trap Zone of enders Parasite Eve II
  3. Im a frog who just happend to leap into a dsp stream and like to chill in the pond.
  4. Hi phil happy thanksgiving to you and everyone else i had some questions i wanted to ask whats your favourite cartoon from the 80s or 90s like thunder cats, mask, he-man stuff like that as a kid from the 80s i think for me that was the best time to grow up as a kid with having amazing stuff to watch on saturday morning tv. My next question is whats your opinion on other fighting games like tekken or kof for me growing up i allways loved street fighter and dark stalkers just due to capcom been my go to for fighting games. And for my last question is what game and movie series/franchise would say is your favourite looking forward to hear your thoughts and insight.
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