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  1. The Dig "A DEEP SPACE ADVENTURE BY SEAN CLARK IN COLLABORATION WITH FILMMAKER STEVEN SPIELBERG" you can get on GOG The 7th Guest Day Of The Tentacle (Sequel to Maniac Mansion, I think better of the two!) Star Trek "A Finality Unity" - Really great game, closest to the TNG show experience as far as games.
  2. I screwed up the link sorry it is actually https://youtu.be/cM2MVToj4Ds
  3. Phil requested someone try to make a rap song for him so I tried It's kinda cringe
  4. OpenMorrowind is the ticket. Replaces engine and uses assets from game and fixes everything.
  5. I nominate Donkey Kong Country on SNES if it's on the SNES Mini
  6. This is the sad story of Cousin Larry and Balki as told by DSP
  7. I would like to see the Joker as well!
  8. Morrowind is great and if people give him tips like in Minecraft it could be fun
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